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Gone - bye bye.
RC Driving Style
XBOX SEGA NFL 2K3 Best Console Football ever. Ok I got my NFL 2k3 today and I have one word for it SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Oh man they took 2k2 to another level.. Boys they are there they have dethroned madden in my opion. I could write for hours talking about how good it is but I acutally do not want to spoil some of the super cool stuff so if you got a Green X Machine then go get it or rent it if you are sqemish how ever you speel that. It really is beautiful. Plus it has online capabilities for when Xbox live goes online Nov 15 and madden dosen't Frensy does but I think they did not improve much over last year the players don't move quick enough.. Not a problem with 2k3 its blazing.
:) :D
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Gone - bye bye.
RC Driving Style
No its on PS2 also. They both came out this week. GC wont be out for another week I think..
I had 2k2 on PS2 Last year because it came out before XBOX at that time it was my favorite game. Then I never got 2k2 for xbox because it did not have substantial upgrades other than no jaggies. Anyway its out...X

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