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As a Grand Opening for R/C Nitro Talk, I will be giving away a Brand New - HYPER OS Max .15CV pull start engine!

This is how the give away works, the first 200 people to get 30 or more posts will be entered into the drawing. After the 200th person reaches 30 posts the contest will be closed, then randomly 1 person out of the 200 people will be drawn and will win the brand new engine.


• No junk posts - Read the forum rules to see if your post is considered junk or not.

• Each person is limited to ONE account - Anyone caught trying to use more than one account will forfeit any chance of winning.

That’s it, follow them and enjoy the forum! If you have any questions or comments please reply in this thread.

WoodiE that`s cool cos i am half way there and i had not seen this posting:cool:
has the bottom section of the main page been here all the while or have you added it recently,i hope the latter.
can i tell any friends about this site yet?
Yes, please tell friends about the site, R/C Nitro Talk has went LIVE as of the 24th.

i have e-mailed all my posse the addy of your homepage,and some other Uk bashers.we have to get this site up and running as fast as we can,it is doing great already but more is better.