Whoohoo snow!

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Went out and played around for a bit in the snow with my E-Revo. No pics for tonight but there defiantly will be tomorrow!

Got a set of New E-Maxx rims and tires from a buddy the other day and cut them like I did my T-Maxx tires..What a difference they make in the snow! Talons got nothing on Maxx tires.

Got about 8 inches out there right now and its still coming down hard. I'm pulling the 775 out and putting back in the Titans. The gearing that I have currently just doesn't cut it for me (54t/14t) and it runs too hot and too slow.

Any reccomendations as far as gearing for speed?


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Any reccomendations as far as gearing for speed?

uh... the information I gave you in PM wasn't good enough?

larger pinion and/or smaller spur gear = less acceleration/more top speed
smaller pinion and/or larger spur gear = more acceleration/less top speed

you will get the same information from any relatively knowledgable r/c'er on this forum. If you're looking for a different answer, I don't know what to tell you. If you want more top speed by way of changing the gearing the way to do it is to install a larger pinion. If the motor gets too hot then you are overgeared and you need to run a smaller pinion. Ventilation will also help keeps the temps of the motor decent, but generally speaking, overgearing the truck puts a lot of strain on the motor and creates a lot of heat.