Who was wrenching today??? What did you do??

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Working on my light system. Running lights, headlights, fog lights and lightbar on thier own individually controlled channel.

I was invited to go to a track with a few old racing friends, all craving some track time. But I really don't have a race worth buggy or truggy anymore, so I stretched my Tekno MT410 to a ET48.3. Nothing new, but it was the only thing that was close to track worthy, and I had the parts sitting waiting for my procrastinating keister to get ur done! Even though we're all good friends, we all want to dust each other, and knowing that,,, They will find me ready!! Bra ha ha😏 I was going to post pics, but I keep getting a message "The uploaded file was not an image as expected" never seen that one?! Oh well, when I figure it out I'll post pics,,,

Reglued my tires! Every run they need a lil TLC! Between the torque of my truck and the design or lack there of. They just wanna rip right off.
I worked on the new 1/24 build. I bought long travel shocks but I didn't care for them so I ordered different ones.
The body and new shocks will be here tomorrow.

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