Who Likes OS Engine?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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I have had a few engines sence i got my RC10gt, they are realy easy and fun the have around. I am looking to start a sort of club if you will, An OS club.... i am sure that there is already such a thing but i thikn we could have one here. leave posts about your OS experencs ok.

Yep..I started that thread. i love my cv-x:D
Good to have one in General Nitro - since most of OS fans use them in any car/truck. Should I move it here?

I even have an OS for the Heli!

Love Em, Havent found a reason to change yet. However, I'm going to be trying a couple new ones here reallllll soon. ;)
.15 CVRX 2 of and very happy with them,i just got a .21 RG(P)-X for my super maxx,so i`ll let you know about that one :)
i have a cvr and have had a few os engines in the past .. I've always found them to be top class
I like O.S.!

My first O.S. was the original CZ .10, I had it in a Kyosho Stinger MkII 4WD buggy. I have owned several others since then, for both my airplanes and cars. They last a long time, and their carburettors are easy to adjust and hold a tune very well.
i have the cvx. I like it lots but i only have thr trx 15 to comair it to. so thats a no brainer.:D
I like O.S. to Iv run them for longer then I care to count:cheerful: O.S. makes a good engine.
i love mine. Love love love. Sounds like a comercial on tv? i think its a dominos comercial
Started break-in on a .12 cv-rx today. Managed to get 2 tanks through it before my glow starter fizzled out (forgot to charge it last night :\ ) Anywho, I was having alot of trouble getting it to start at 2 full turns out as suggested. The carb kept flooding and then the engine would seize up on me. After numerous times of taking out the plug and emptying the excess fuel and leaning it a bit at a time, it finally started. After it ran for a bit I richened the mixture. The car putted around and then cut off. I then brought it in and tried to crank it. Wouldn't start. Leaned it a quarter turn and it fired right up. I was about 1 3/4 turns at this point. Richened it up a bit and let it finish the second tank. Will try to finish break-in tomorrow and let you guys know how it goes.