Who has an rc10gt???

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Iv got an rc10gt who else has one and what have you done to it to make it better???
I've got an RC10GT. I put an .12 OS-CVR Engine in it and some MIP CVD's. There are a ton of hop ups for this car but in my opinion it's great out of the box. I dont have the ready to run version. The ready to run version wasn't around when I got my GT. I got the team version and had to put it together myself and in my opinion that was one of the things that made this hobby so great. However in there never ending pursuit of your dollar. The manufacturers of many different cars started to make kits that where RTR, and so the established names had to follow suit to stay competitive. A friend of mine has a RTR that I bought him for christmas and I was surprised that the engine was as good as it is. I did remove the restrictor from the carbuerator and put a different exhaust on it. It to is a pretty good car I dont like the shock set up but it works for him.

Thats my 2 cents
I have the factory team gt Its one of the rolling chassis cars I'm running an O.S.cv-rx.15 in it for now. I'm glad to see more RTR cars come out as I can no longer build them myself with only one good hand. I do think if your just starting out in rc its better if you build the car/truck yourself just so you know how all the parts fit and work together.
I am the proud owner of a GT RTR that I bought just after they first came out. I like it alot. I have been thinking of selling it for over a year now and for some reason just can't part with it. I don't race. There are no tracks in my area. But it's just such a nice ride that I want to keep it. I did strip it and put bearings in the tranny and wheels. The servo saver was a bit weak. Kept blowing gears in my steering servo. But other than that I have been very satisfied.
Building the factory team kit as we speak.
Added the trany brace, OS TR .12, 5 Degree caster spindle carriers, 0 degree toe blocks for the rear, front shocks to the back, shorter shocks for the front, foam tires, and 24/58 gears.

Oval Baby… should pull 46-50 mph laps on a 300-350 foot track. I will find out this weekend when I race it.
Ill post photos tomorow.
Originally posted by matts6887
I was actuall thinking about getting either this one or the Losi xxxnt because not only do they look like fun to drive around, and are very popular, but from what I've seen they arent too much $$ for what u get all things considered. :)

Mudwizer?? on the traxas board has a XXX for sale used 2 times I think he wants 550.00 for it.
PM him.....
I have built both kits in the last 60 days.
They take about 15-20 hours from start to finish including painting the body.
Both kits are extremely well documented and provide great illustrations. Both kits were complete with no missing parts. The XXXNT-Drake has all the hop ups included in the kit, nothing needed to upgrade unless you want to use sealed bearings. The Assoc.GT factory kit needs an up graded aftermarket transmission brace 20.00 and upgraded RPM steering servo mounts3.00.
Either one is a good deal and will provide you with a great building and driving experience.

If you get one let us know before you start to build it and we can give you all the little tricks and help.

I get a lot of joy building kits, The local hobby shop has me build there display cars.
I raced my GT this weekend and it seems to work well. For its madden voyage I took 2nd in heat 1 and 3rd in heat 2. I Qualified 5 for the A Main and was un able to complete the race. Boo-Hoo. Flipped when I got rear ended and played pinball for 3 other trucks on turn 1. The only problem was a popped turnbuckle end. The corner marshal shut me off instead of popping it back on. The truck proved rather easy to control and stuck to the pavement much better than my XXX due to the 5-degree caster blocks. All in all a good Sunday at the track.

I am going to the RPM A-arms and get rid of the ball studs and replace them with a direct connect. This should eliminate this issue in the future.
i got the gt rtr but i put the os .15 CVR-X on it. its got the mip clutch and the cvec euxaust. for steering i have the hitec hs-625 mg.
If you have any tuning issues, dump the CEVC.
I theory the pipe should work well but I had nothing but tuning issues with one installed.

They are great trucks, have fun!
I haven had no problems with the pipe. I havent tuned the pipe yet. It is set how it came now. I guess i m to lazy to take it apart.
For me, I purchased a RC-10-GT factory team car kit in May of 2003. I assembled it with a many alterations from the get go. For starters I went through the trans added a aluminum diff gear, steel idler, titanium top shaft and removed the slipper clutch assembly. In its place went a 2 speed spur gear set. For the engine, I went with an O.S. RG 21 that I shaved some weight off of, 2-speed clutch bell, HPIs nitro RS4 pads in it and Custom motor mounts that bolt in the existing chassis holes. The exhaust is a custom made for that specific engine, RPM range and dumps out the back of the buggy. I moved the throttle servo forward and to the center of the chassis “where the fuel tank originally went”. I put the battery pack where the throttle servo originally went, to counter the weight of the engine. I went with an OFFNA fuel tank that fits nicely by the steering servo. I went and chanced the rear caster to 2 deg per side, and lessened the caster it the front. Yet, with all the changes it looked like it was bought that way. I currently have run almost a gallon of fuel through it and yes its fast, but what a fun show off toy.
heres a pic...


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Hop ups

I purchased my first RC10GT from Ebay. It was a RTR and the first hop-ups I did was put ball bearing throughout. I went with Aluminum Shock towers and tranny brace and RPM arms on all four corners. THe last item I replaced was the tuned pipe for a stinger set-up that I took off the second RC10GT that I purchased. I'm just a backyard basher but like the way these things handle.
Just got my first gt a few weeks back. My new .12 fantom engine will be here tomm. My gt is mainly stock except for turnbuckles and clutch. Can't wait to beat on it. :whistle:
RC10GT is my all time favorite of all trucks I have owned. These trucks rock. Traxxas Rustler (I only have one of these) is faster out of the box but its no RC10GT. The only thing about the GT thats limited (IMO) is that theres no way to have a two speed transmission. At least not that I ever heard of.

I have two RC10GTs. Both were purchased prior to the "RTR Plus" version so they were built on that chassis that was 1/4 inch shorter than a team chassis. Why they did this I have no idea. All it did was make it impossible to find bodies for the older chassis once the RTR Plus came out.

One of these is still stock but has an OS .12 CV in it. The other is the one I did everything to. Keep in mind I run almost exclusively on either concrete, asphalt, or black top.

1. Removed carb restrictor and re-tuned engine (AE .15 at the time).

2. Installed 18T clutch bell with racing clutch.

3. Installed good street tires (ProLine .. i forget which model).

4. Recently moved everything to a normal "team-sized" chassis. Now I can get a new body. I had been having a hard time finding bodies to fit the old chassis. I like to keep several bodies cuz I show them off at the track and sometimes folks take notice and pay me to paint their rides.

5. Assembled and installed brand new transmission with
Crescenzi tranny saver kit.

6. Truck has all the electronic gadgets ... LED Battery meter, throttle and steering failsafes, digital thermometer, 3 channel radio system.


1. Replace OS .12CV with OS .15CV.
2. New body.
3. Rocket Booster (Probably Estes Solid Engines).
4. Parachute.

I'll prolly test the rocket theory on an old rolling chassis before doing anything to my favorite GT.

I have a Savage but about to order a RC10gt RTR plus! I want something more nimble and light that I can throw around at the local track. I like the idea of two wheel rear drive for power sliding in corners. My Savage is too heavy for quick cornering when I race against my friends ST', IMO St 's handle much better. I hope I like the RC10gt.
Loving the RC10GT is easy cuz its a great truck. So much after market support its not even funny.