Who has a XXXNT ?

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My brother bought the RTR Sport version and has not been too happy with it. WHEN it was running it was a tough little truck. He pulled out the Mach .15 and put an AE:) .15 in it (with some big time modification to mount the thing) and hasn't had any problems since. Our skills are equal and when we race we are neck and neck. It's always fun having the RC10 vs. xxxnt battle.;)
is the rtr good for bashing in the backyard, dirt jumps, and sandy areas. thanx :banana: aren't those awsome
I have a GT RTR. And it's similar enough to the NT. My problem has been that the lower ground clearance kills it in grass. It's savage on gravel or dirt. But anything big will slow it down. They are both awesome trucks. Fast as all...heck... Just not quite "monster" trucks.
Ya two different animuls.
I converted mine to a road truck and race the oval. It sits about .25 inches off the ground and will go fast, real fast. With 4.11 in the rear , 24 tooth bell and foam tires it cooks.
I just got a XXx-NT, and real peice of crap. But I paid a $100 for. So not after a $70 in replacement parts, and a new pistion and sleeve for the the OS CV it is great.

HEY! Where the did you get that 24t??????

Cmon Cmon Give it up!

I have a Drake XXNT that SCREAMS with an OS CVR .15 Slide on the pig!

I make the seaguls run to earn their keep at McDonalds! They aint got nuttin on the Drake!

I went to an Associated Clutch setup. Now I can get all the gears I want.
Best of all I can use the MIP 4-in 1 clutch.
Eddy - send me the info on the setup buddy. I'm interested.

Matts - I built the Adam Drake kit which allows you to add your own electrics, rx and mill. It doesn't come with a Radio at all and all the hopups you could want are right in the box ;)
285 Graphite Drake
135 Mill - OS CVR
85 - Starter Box

Add servos and RX
Originally posted by matts6887
So it comes to about 400 some odd $$??? Also, how long did it take for u to put it together, and how hard would it be for someone like me who never has actually built a kit like that???
Look Here
You can build a truck in 10 hours but all the detail work and adjustments etc.. take just as long.
I just bought one and i love it I want to put a Trinity picco .15 on it I am waiting on this engine to go first.
If you are going to race at a track check out the rules. Most tracks will limit you to a .12. You wont need any more power tha that. This isnt a Maxx. I have the OS CVR .12 and it has too much power. Have fun building it.

XXXNT kit, RTR, or The Drake?
Eddy - could you send me that info? I want to price it up and maybe try it out.

Thanks for all your advice buddy, this has proven to be one of the more extremely fast and furious vehicles in the arsenal! :banana:

Hows the fishing been?
Well you could skimp a little on the electrics - if you run the Novak then you may want to throw the old stock traxxas rx on there and just pick up a couple of Futaba 20$ servos. The mill is around 150 depending on what you go with. Take Eddies advice on the track rules too. I dont run too much on the track but they do allow .15 at ours. Like Eddy said, .12 seems to be the norm and has a lot of power already. I run the OS CVR .15 and love it. Its a SCREAMER!

But yeah, about 500 and you should be good. Just depends how you do it. Not bad considdering that you will have a fully modified and hopped up stadium truck! The other option would be the RTR Kit but then you just keep hopping it up :(
The track I race at there are like 5 guys who have os cvrx .15 in there and they are sick I am going to stick to os I have the oscvrx .15 in my maxx and it rocks So i will go with it. It is the xxxnt kit
Go for it…
You are lucky to have a track that lets you run a .15 in a NON-RTR.
Double check with them and make sure you can race a KIT with a .15

I have a .12 OS CV-R in mine and wouldn’t trade it for the world, Lots of power.
i just bought the losi xxx-nt sport rtr. i love it. it handles well right out of the box. of course, there are adjustments to be made. i have yet to have a problem with it. i think the mach .15 engine is a good one. the radio is also a plus. bearings all the way around. i am very satisfied with it. i would recommend this truck to anyone.