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ok i will get straight to the point, my o.s. 15 Cv-X cut out today half way through a tank of fuel and wouldnt restart, i put a new glow plug in and went back to factory setting but still no go, any ideas on whats wrong ?

Thanx in advance


p.s. the temp was 200 degrees c
Blocked carb? Blocked fuel or pressure lines? Air leak? Just guessing. I assume the plug is glowing fine. I would guess it's not getting fuel.
Dave Are You running a fuel filter? If so clean it. if not get one.;) If the glow plug is good and the glow starter is good I would have to agree with Candyman.:D

Oh yeah you still have good compresion ? Right?
Holy Crap!!! Someone agreed with me? Wow. This rules. So I guess I actually understand all this stuff. Cool. Well thanks to all that have taught me here!
Dave, if you were not using a fuel filter (or even if you were), you might want to pull the HSN assembly off the carb, remove the needle from the outer brass sleeve, and blow it out with carb cleaner and then air, make sure there are no blockages in there. That is where the fuel enters the carb first. Also clean out the fuel line nipple on that HSN assembly. What pipe are you using? I have seen on the AE and Stinger pipes where you push the pressure line into the pipe if you push it too far in it will melt the end closed and not allow it to pressurize the tank. Just a few things for you to check out.
Hey I forgot one thing you may want to do first is pull the fuel line off the carb and do exactly what you would if you were trying to start it. Prime and hit the easy start button, it should pump out fuel, this will give you a good starting point, if it does not pump look from there back, if it does you know the problem is after there so you dont have to worry about replacing the lines or any leaks from there back. This will give you an idea if the problem is before or after the carb. I hope this helps and not confuses you. Good luck
If you are using the stock pipe(which is not likely i know)check that the baffle or pipe hasnt melted internally.
hi guys well I've :
stripped the carb-- all ok
fitted new fuel lines
cleaned fuel filter
checked exhaust-- all ok
checked/cleaned out the hsn
fitted a new glowplug
put back to factory setting.

and still no joy :( I'm so confused, I'm starting too think its the settings cus as soon as i put the glow igniter on its really hard too pull the pullstarter, (its kinda hard without the glow igniter on)
but when i flip it upside down and pull the pullcord w/o the glow plug in only a bit of fuel comes out,

Any ideas ?


p.s. thanx for the help so far:)
Does the engine spin freely with the glow plug out? Look inside the top of the engine when you have the plug out, easily pull the pull start and see if the piston is moving up and down inside the sleeve. If its hard to pull you may have engine damage, broken rod or siezed engine, I hope I'm wrong but check and make sure the piston is moving freely with the glow plug out. Do you have a compression guage? Also check your one way bearing too, make sure it spins freely on the shaft in one direction only, if it is frozen on the shaft that may also be your problem, I hope thats it cuz thats easy to fix, lol. Well good luck with it .
Excelent i didnt think of the one way bearing, the piston moves up and down as usuall, i will check the one way bearing 2morrow

I hope its nothing serious Thanx for your help i will keep you posted

Tell me about it the piston and sleeve alone for my OS CVX 15 cost $48, then you add a con rod, and a few other things and your right your up to 80 - 90 bucks, OUCH. I will keep my fingers crossed for ya that its just the one way.
You don't have to tell me about the $$$ I have a coplete record of every dime I spent on my RCs in my computer. I am affraid, very affraid to add it all up, lol. Dave did you figure out what your problem was yet? By the time you isolate it your truck should be running great after everything else you've done so far trying to find the problem. When you do let us know I am curious to see what you find. Good luck and I hope you found your problem.
:( it isnt the one way bearing

conrod,sleeve or piston, everythings fine but it still wont start,

What else could it be ?

Thanx for your help so far

WOW, man thats stinks! You have done just about everything I can think of :eek: It's possible your carb might be bad. Are you sure your glow igniter is working properly? Put the plug in the end and make sure it glows bright. I am running out of ideas, check the compression too.
i dunno, :(
there is great compression, and the glow starter and plug both work properly (brand new)i guess i better look at my carb,
Would the trx carb work on my engine (o.s. 15 c-vx)

Dave :banana:
Yes it will fit fine, with everything else you have done thats has to be it. Did you pull the line off the carb and make sure that you are getting fuel to the carb when you try to start it?
Looks like it's moving in that direction. I read RCCA once where Chris broke it down simply. You need glow, you need fuel, and you need something to turn it over with. That's about it. So...

1. you've got glow.
2. your starter is working.

Therefore it must be the fuel supply. Already checked the lines, right? Then the carb is more likely. There could also be an obstruction in the crank or crankcase. But I honestly can't imagine something causing that. How about a silly experiment. Put a few drops of nitro in the glow hole. Put the plug back in and light it up. If it sputters, then you know the engine is capable of running. It may seem like a waste of time. But at least it rules things out. Right? You may have to disassemble the carb and clean it completely. I think trying the TRX carb is a good start because that will tell you quickly if the carb is at fault.
Hey Dave did you try the TRX carb yet? If so did it fix your problem? Looks like Candyman and myself are in agreement. If you got fire, compression, and the engine is turning over it almost has to be the carb. Let us know how you make out.
I've tried it but no luck :(, its a little bit etter and almost tried too fire up, but still no go , :(
Any ideas ??