what is your most common broken parts?

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i was wondering what your most commonly broken item on you maxx is.mine seems to be either body posts or fuel tanks.
I have not broken a fuel tank since Hopping Up to a full roll cage (one of my best investments, and it protects shock tower/body posts too).


I've broken three fuel tanks.
A bunch of turnbuckles before I got the hang of driving the little beast.
Popped shock caps.
my bank balance :D ;) naa its the susp i have trouble with

Fuel tank and spur gears. Maybe if I would keep it on the ground a little more my spurs would last a bit longer but what's the fun in that?
Prior to upgrading my shocks and turnbuckles, I used to either blow a rear quarter shock cap or bust one of the rear turnbuckles' rod ends. (I think I blew three shock caps before getting AE shocks, and busted 5 or six rod ends prior to getting Lunsford Tn Turnbuckles and some beefier rod ends.)
Well its been a long list of broken parts but the part I broke the most was the forward primary gear in the trany. That is until I got the Robinson Racing gear set. What can I say the O.S. just chews them up and spits them out:D And now I'm haveing the same problem with my Fantom:D There goes more $$$$$ to the folks at Robinson Racing:confused:
conspiracy springs to mind,HHmmmm :confused:
i would think anyone who uses their maxx as it was designed to be used has a broken wallet,it will not close;)
rofl You got that right Easy Dont even know why I have one anymore should get dreict deposit to Tower or my LHS:confused:
Wow...a two year old thread brought back from the dead.

Glad to see you are using the search, but reviving very old posts usually does very little...especially if you are not adding anything significant to them.
I can't remember what it was, since it broke on 8-1-2002 when this thread was started. I think it was the big toe on my right foot.
I've been lucky. I haven't broken much, except on those run aways when I first got my Maxx I broke the front skid plate, and bulk head. I guess that is axpected at top speed into a 6 inch tall concrete curb. Other than that my shocks ave taken a beating. I rebuilt them once, and I was looking at them the other day, and they are trashed. Bent shafts and all. Hoping for new ones this time. Maybe some Powerstrokes.
i find i replace the glow plug a lot, plus the front bumper screws
Well when i had my maxx i was blowing bulk heads like crazy.I think 5 or 6 sets fount and rear..then i up graded to ga's 7075 bulks no more probs.
Then it was the stock shocks so i up graded them to the big bores.with blue and black trinty springs. skid plates broke a hand full of them so i up graded them to rock hounds ti skids full set.Then there was the (pos) 2.5 went through 4 of them. finely got a good one on the 5th try.Traxxas was pretty much done with me after that.then all the other normal stuff blowen diffs,spur gears.ect ect ect......and my wallet was broken to because i could not shut it because it was full of recipts