What is WORLDS Cheapest BL Combo today NEW for SLASH 4X4 / Big 4wd Shortcourse 1/10. Little Bit Faster. SPLASH PROOF also atleast

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RC Newbie
Scandinavia I am 40 years old
RC Driving Style
Bashing, Racing
These are not so smal
They are almost like 1/8 buggy in size, also they are 4wd.
Many times with good Aggressive tyres also.

120amp is minium i have Figure out now if you want it run cold.
Also Motor should be 4pole , and atleast 3800kv 3s Lipo
4000kv if you drive 2s i think.

If you want what i want also:
Super Tight Budget

Here is my TIGHT Budget alternative that i Believe work AWSOME
in Short Course 1/10 4wd RC Cars like SLASH 4X4 and so on

120 bl esc 3s NOT SPLASH PROOF
about only 25us with programmer card

better choice , more expensive ABOUT 30US
120A Brushless ESC Electric Speed Controller with 5.8V / 3A SBEC 2-4S Programe card for 1/8 1:8 RC Car

rebranded trackstar?

can you find better 120a ESC for less than 40us with shipping ?

I dont like the 80amps

This time i will have 120a

Then Motors
about 20us
Original GoolRC S3660 3800KV 4 Poles Brushless Sensorless Motor for 1/8 1/10 RC Car Truck

better splash proof about 21 us
Racerstar 3660 Motor Brushless Waterproof Sensorless 1/8 1/10 RC Car Part 3800/3300/2600KV

cheap combo best also for budget max 70us
1pcs Original Hobbywing SC8-RTR 120A Brushless ESC + 3660 3500KV/ 3800KV Sensorless Motor Set +LED Programing for 1/10 RC Car

this last handle up to 4000kv at 3s

i have hear alot good things about SC8-RTR 120A esc

Prices is good.
I believe you must wait long. like 3-5 weeks before products arrive.

Also you may need pay extra custom charges ,
Anyway it is cheap if you have time wait.

I'm thinking buy one of each
One combo
couple cheap esc + programcard
couple cheap motors also

i have alot RC CARS.
Need alot things, cheap is best for me

Anyone like the products or Hate?
Anyone Try anything of these products before and how you like it?

sorry my crappy English
I live in Scandinavia

Best Regards Hooni



RC Newbie
Yes sc8 is v good.
Fit bigger motor if you can 4060 or 4265.
And try 2600kv and bigger pinion.
I used in one of mine.
In other one I use talion motor and esc. 6s slash?
3s good. 4s tires last about 3 runs. 6s tires POP.
Need 17mm hex wheels for big combo and also mop driveshafts...but big fun.

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