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Hey guys, what have you done to your trucks? Heres a list of mine, I sure hope my wife don't see this, LOL

T-Maxx #1

OS CVX .15 with:
KHB easy start converter
Traxxas easy start
RRP blue aluminum vented flywheel
MIP clutch
Racers Edge 18 tooth clutch bell w/ Dynamite sealed bearings
Competition Products finned billet aluminum engine mount,blue
Duratrax header
AE tuned pipe
Kimbrough 72 tooth spur gear
Dynamite/Losi blue aluminum threaded shocks w/ 60wt oil
Trinity blue monster springs, all 8
Traxxas FOC
Dynamite aluminum fuel filter
Dynamite air filter
Dynamite cvds (full set)
RC Limited aluminum center skid
Dynamite polished aluminum steering servo skid
Hi-tek 645mg steering servo, w/ kimbrough servo saver
moved stock steering servo to throttle brake position
Lunsford titanium turnbuckles front and rear
RPM clawz stablemaxx offset rims
Pro-Line maxx masher tires
Stock rims and tires
Braided fuel lines
Losi throttle return spring
Futaba fail safe
Racers Edge titanium rear skid
Racers Edge polished aluminum chassis braces
Pro-Line Jeep body, painted to match my 1:1
Stock chassis has been stripped and polished

I think I got everything

T-Maxx # 2 (built from scratch)

Stripped and polished chassis
Ported TRX Pro .15
MIP clutch
Racers Edge 18 tooth clutch bell w/ Dynamite sealed bearings
NJBT Header
AE tuned pipe
Carb flip
Losi Throttle return spring
Traxxas 72 tooth spur
Stock rims and tires
Parma offset wheel hexes
Traxxas titanium turnbuckles
RPM a arms
RPM shock towers
RPM bulkhead braces
JNR Racing front, rear, and center skid
JNR Racing servo skid
JNR Racing aluminum bumpers
Dynamite aluminum fuel filter
Dynamite air filter
AE aluminum shocks w/ 60 wt. oil
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Hear is mine :D

O.S. cv-x15Hyper
KHB E-Z start conversion
RPM Blue A-Arms
MIP clutch
Motor saver air filter
Racers edge 18 tooth clutch bell
Robinson racing Double disk slipper With 74 Tooth gear
Dynamite aluminum bulk heads
Robinson racing Vented Fly wheel
Traxxas Big bore shocks
Raven Progressive rate springs
Rage cage Jeep style roll cage
Cvec blue 135 pipe
Cvec T-Maxx back header
RMP blue stablemax offset rims
Proline Masher tires
Proline Jeep body (soon to be a brand new one custom painted By NCNitro
Carb flip with return spring
Futuba T3PDF Raido
I think thats it?:confused:
Okay, here goes, I'll try to think of them all.

XTM Conversion kit (a list of upgrades all it's own!)
XTM 24.7 engine
blue RPM front bumper
silver RPM rear bumper
blue RPM shock towers
complete set of blue RPM A-Arms
blue RPM bulkhead braces
Megatech blue aluminum front bulkheads
Megatech blue aluminum rear bulkheads
Polished Full Force RC Diamond front & rear skids
Polished Full Force RC Diamond Center Skid
Blue Racers Edge Steering Servo Skid plate
Cirrus Ultra Hi-Torque Steering Servo
Kimbrough Servo Saver
Team Blue Star steering ball bearings
Polished fuel filter
Upgraded to Primerless fuel tank
RRP plastic slipper kit then upgraded to RRP steel slipper kit
Hardcore Racing Aluminum Tranny gears
MIP clutch kit
RRP Hardened Steel differential ring & pinions front & rear
Traxxas differential spool in the rear
Traxxas Carbon Fiber brake disc
Traxxas Big Bore shocks
Tri-Rx yellow 20% stiffer springs
Full Force RC Black Oxide Hardened Steel Hex Head screw kit
Trinity Wheelie Bar
Blue Exhaust Deflector
Blue RPM StableMaxx Clawz with stock tires
Chrome RPM StableMaxx Titans with Proline Maxx Mulchers
Custom Painted Parma '56 Nomad Body
Custom Painted Proline Standard Cab Silverado Body

WHEW! I think that's everything! LOL!

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I havr a T with Cvec pipe blue and 18 tooth CB
well that is the starting point of anything you want it to be,how long have you had your T.
Originally posted by Easy-MAXX
well that is the starting point of anything you want it to be,how long have you had your T.

Maybe 3 weeks. And I have a pull start conv kit, a glow starter, and a super duty motor saver air filter on the way. It should be here tomorow
well you have got the right idea,joining this forum where tou can get help and advice.
Yeah 1Mean Maxx, there are some really good people here on this forum, we were all newbies once, and I still learn new stuff all the time from these guys.
rpm arms
rpm shock towers
rpm f. bumper
ae pipe
Maxx mulchers
ae shocks
50 chevy pick-up body
I have 2 maxxes the first one has
Oscvrx .15
18 tooth clutch bell
mip racing clutch
cvec pipe
maxx mulchers
hb shocks
hitec digital sterring servo 645
fuel filter
motor saver air filter
Front and rear skid plates alm
2 maxx has
oscvx.15 engine mip stinger pipe
16 tooth clutch bell
proline sus kit big bore shocks
hitec sterring servo futaba throttle servo
rear diff spool and proline cvd
Here we go. (NCNitro, I won't tell your wife if you don't tell mine!!)

Fantom FR15
RPM A arms
Titainum hinge pins
Aluminum front bulkheads
Velocity 6 Offset wheels
Masher tires
Hitech 645 Steering Servo
Hitech 625 Throttle/brake servo
Motor Saver air filter
Dubro Fuel Filter
Dynamite Failsafe
CVEC pipe w/ rear exhaust header
Traxxas Big Bore Shocks
Trinity Black springs (4 ea)
Trinity hump pack battery
16,17,18,20 tooth clutch bells
72 and 73 tooth spur
KHB EZ Start plate
Titainum skid plate
No Money

That's about it. (Until the last issue gets resolved!:banana: )
Here is what my .21 T-maxx has and what I have in it to date.

Stock T-maxx (used) ---------------------- $225
RC Limited .21 conversion. ----------------- $299
Motor Saver Air Filter ---------------------- $18
Full Kippster Cups front and rear ----------- $110
Powerline Chassis braces------------------- $35
Duratrax MMT Rear Shocks (4) ------------- $34
New Era 3 point Rollbar ---------------------$40
MIP CVDs up front ------------------------- $45
SuperMaxx Steel CVDs in the rear.---------- $70
SuperMaxx Titanium Center shafts. --------- $60
Traxxas Aluminum Front bulkheads ---------- $60
RRP Forward only conversion --------------- $25
RRP Forward Primamry Gear ---------------- $18
RRP Steel Spur Gear ----------------------- $15
RPM StableMaxx Rims ---------------------- $25
RPM A-arms--------------------------------$40
Pro-Line Chevy Silverado body ------------- $22


Sweet lookin' truck BlackTiger355! I like the paint job. With everything I've changed on mine, I wish I had started with a used truck too. You started at $300 less than I did. Nice job!
mine short and sweet. 10 days old
03 maxx 2.5
motor saver air filter
Venom Fail Safe
thats it unless we count broken parts too
more to come was gonna be Sirio big bore
but now its alum chassis brace and alum center skid
w/rpm front rear.
Not much yet. Just the motor saver air filter and a .21 motor just sitting there waiting fro me to buy the conversion kit.
Maxx 2.5

aluminum a-arms, bulkheads, chassis rails (but not aluminum towers, go figure)
titanium hinge pins
RPM bumpers & skidplates
Associated shocks, Trinity springs (black & blue), shock socks
MIP cvd's at corners only
Venom failsafe
HiTec 645mg steering servo
ProLine steering kit
fuel filter
14-fin Ultra heatsink from New Era
homemade 26ga center skidplate
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