Were are my losi people at?

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I just got a triple xnt and I love it? can't wait to race on sunday
I'm off to the races now.
Racing nitro oval truck paved track.

I hope you do well.
Go get them fast eddy
Did you buy that one from Chet? I'm buying a legends car from him:banana:
I did get it from chet it runs great. Hope you like the legends car I bought his rs4 2 a while back
Didnt do so well at the race this last weekend. took 6th in the A.
Got bumped up from the sportsmen class to the expert class and got my nuggits handed to me on a platter.. Losi dosent support oval racing or the parts to convert the trucks. I hate to say it but I had to get a GT to keep up with the big boys. Back to the dirt with the XXXNT-DA
GT? New ride? Which one? Wheres the pics Eddy?

Bummer dude you placed 6th. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?! Your in the A Main with the big fish! Which means YOU are a big fish! And the best thing is, YOU PLACED!

Keep on driving! We all have those "off" days, but tomorrows a whole new world.

Smoke Em Eddy!

:banana: :banana: :banana:
Aleast you finished the race that is half the battle.