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Ok. After this evening I will be gone for the rest of the weekend to Watkins Glenn. Winston Races.

If anyone wants anything, let me know now. I will pick it up while I'm there. You can PayPal me when I get it.

dude you are an american and a gentleman,that is a cool gesture from you.:banana:
Chris - If you would, pick me up something, one or two of those engines they race with. I'd like to put one on my tmaxx, and the other in my cherokee :D

I think I have about $100 in paypal so that should cover it!


ps. Have fun, go mad
Chris- I hear Brooke Gordon is available. Think you can pack her for me? I'll send my PO Box # when you get back. It might be tough for you to get her back to Buffalo, though. I hear she comes with a lot of baggage!!!!!! LOL. Oh man, I'm killin myself with that one!!!
You guys are classic! Thanks EZ for the compliment!

Ill at least try to get some pics of Gordon. From above if possible :banana: Still laughing about this one......

Woodie - Two matchbox engines coming right up LOL! Arent the price tags on those things INSANE! I wish I had that kind of loot to throw into racing. It would be my career if I could afford it. But I would probably run Top Fuel Funny Car and of coarse, 1 monster truck to crush with :)

Hey Candyman - how should I ship her? Catapult? LOL!

Thanks NCN! Should be a good time - good seats too.
i guess this is some kind of bird you guys are talking about,with twin air bags?any pics to bring me up to speed guys:D
ROFLMAO! TWIN AIRBAGS! Now I think that statement killed 2 birds with one stone!!

I'm off to the races - later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, to bring our good friends across the pond up to speed. I don't know how much NASCAR you guys get to see. But Brooke Gordon is the soon-to-be-ex-wife of NASCAR Superhero and driver of the DuPont Chevrolet #24. Perhaps one of the best of all times (just my opinion). Right there with the mighty #3 and #43. Recently, an ugly action has started between them and has managed to be rather visible to the public. She is indeed easy on the eyes. That's for sure. I will miss her in Victory Lane. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to get used to Tony Stewart beating the crap out of everyone. And who said the WWE isn't real!!!!

And here's a pic of her and Jeff.....


  • brooke&jeff.jpg
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the pic was not too bad,a bit over dressed really,OH sorry the race,i`ll stop now;)
It was awesome! I was about 50 feet from Wallace taking out the barrier. I'm waiting on the pics. I actually got the shot! We were right in the VIP (inner track) seats on turn 1-2 so I got some REALLY nice shots of all the cars!

I had a good time! No pit area shots as they setup the midway a lot different this year. We would have had to walk all the way out and around the track to get about 300 yards from where we were sitting. Which is about the only thing that sucked :(

Aside from that, it was a blast!

Pics soon....
Yea she is a gold digger she was a cup girl. A guy I work with father in law is over the INsurance claims at Daytona and he brought pictures oif the shirts that say
"BROOKE I'm NOT GAY AND I'm SINGLE" this big fat dude was weariong one I was diying laughing when I saw it. X
:banana: :banana:
big ole boy fancy her did he.i bet she would love that if she knew.she is not a saucey as i`d hoped guys,8/10;)
anyone give her more than 8?if it included big bucks i could i suppose;)
8....no way....for the simple fact that she was with Jeff Gordon she get's a 4....now had she been with Mark Martin.....
i feel i have missed out on a lot concerning this subject,and wonder if the worse the previous partner ,the better you`d feel.
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Well I certainly wouldnt throw her out of bed for eating cookies.

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