wat is a bump start? and how/where do i buy one?

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starter box

its a big metal box with batteries and a motor in it, the motor turns a big rubber wheel that makes contact with your flywheel and spins the engine till it starts. you can also use a bicycle upside down standing on its seat for this but... the bicycle is hard to use because your holding you car and pedaling the bike. oh and you local hobby store should carry one, i know mine carrys a few brands of bump starters. If you ask me, stick with a pullstart if you bashing, so you just need to carry a glow ignitor in your pocket if it stalls on you, and you hopefully dont have to carry the car all the way back to your base or house or where ever you keep your bump starter. bump starters are mostly for racing if you ask me, because of weight savings. and i think they run about $20-$30 depending on what kind you get. and thats probly with no battery, the lead acid batteries run about $10-$20
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ok kool thanks, haha now i kinda want 2 try the bicycle thing, do u really just make the bike spin the fly wheel?
Yes, but I would suggest a bump starter if you feel you need one. If you decide to try the bicycle, mke sure you are spinning the flywheel in the right direction. The bump starter would be the safer way to go.

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