VW Radar Rim, 42mm 3D Resin Print

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I have 3D Modelled these 42mm VW Radar Rims and plan to 3D print is Resin. Will post final results when don

Here is a link to a video in YouTube of the rim.

Radar Rim.jpg
I have resin printed a working wheel which following some initial test fitting requires some minor adjustment. these will be working wheels.
Test Print painted silver


  • Wheel.jpg
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I'll be impressed when you print a drivable tire. 🤣

Wheel looks great. What body are you putting with it?
While I have not done it Nd probably won't, drivable tyres have been printed using high quality TPU filaments. This rim is for a friend's classic VW beatle.

Now I am CAD designing Porche 1/10 rims.