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El Dorado Hills, CA
I just got a 1986 PB Mini Mustang new in the box. It’s an electric English 4wd 1/10th scale buggy. I found 2 listings about the kit on but nothing else.

Should I build the kit, or should I look at the box, or should I sell it?

Ill put some pics up later.
I'd be interested to know what its worth. Might be worth throwing up on EBay and buying something you need for the track.
Man it all depends what you want Eddy.. If You want the green backs? and you can get somebody to make it worth your wild then sell it. If you think later on it will be worth more stick it in the closet.. If you would actually drive it then build that baby.. Just remeber old r/c's don't hold up as well as today and if you start driving it you might be hunting parts for a long time... X
I would put it on ebay, I'm not into buying something like that and putting it away cuz it may be worth something one day, I want RUN em not look at a box. Just my .02 Get something you really want. If your asking us you really dont want it. ;)
build it and trash it,like most of them were by kids when they were available to buy,or if it is like new get a value,if any on it.
break it ans bin it,as long as it is not valuable.
I started to build it.
I’m missing one bag of parts. I’ve started a mad hunt on all the vintage sites for the parts.
I may have to call on our friends on the other side of the pond for some help.

The Truck is a Mini Mustang 4wd Manufactured by PB in England. I need to find the supplemental parts bag C (I believe). It’s the bag that contains the belt tension pulley.
pb have been out of production for at least 10 years,your kit is worth more in kit form to sell,in its heyday it was the buggy to have,parts may be a problem sorry i could not help more.
It a cool truck. Yes it was the one to have…
The value of the kit un-built is about $200 US.
The pleasure of building it .. Priceless…
Finding a part.. Difficult at best.

Some of the parts are a bit rusted so is a restoration project as well.
Keep an eye out for parts or a whole kit for me.
send me some photos of it,when i get a chance if i can find any sites of interest i`ll send them to you.or shop details