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El Pirata

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Sky sent me some videos of us bashing and I finally got them today. Bad thing, the DVD will not work on my DVD player. I took the CDR video and copied it to my hard drive and played it. Really cool beans. Thanks Sky. I'd write more but I am pressed for time right now.
It should; I checked it on my DVD player and it worked great. My daughter didn't want it to end. She liked seeing the trucks go boom.

It is set for zone 1, like any standard DVD. Did the DVD player not recognize the disk? Did it recognize the disk, but not play the movie? Give me some info.

I am loading the video to my server as I type. The upgrade finally came through...I'll post the site as soon as I have it.
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It didn't recognize it as a DVD. I gave the DVD to a buddy of mine in the hopes it could have been some sort of conflict with my DVD player but I will not know until tomorrow.
oh it's those kind of videos...I thought you were talking about the ones that come in "plain brown wrapping"
What luck on your friend's DVD player? What kind of DVD player do you own (brand)?
I am still waiting to hear how the DVD worked or didn't work in your friends player...let me know.