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The use of the calendar is open to all registered members. If you have an upcoming event that you would like others to know about then feel free to add it to the calendar.


The calendar is a very cool feature...I wonder why more forums don't use it...
cos they are aimed at money making setups,so dont want to advertise other products or events.this forum is aimed at us guys.
thankd to all the guys in the backround
Originally posted by Easy-MAXX
cos they are aimed at money making setups,so dont want to advertise other products or events.this forum is aimed at us guys.
thankd to all the guys in the backround

Easy-MAXX - i couldnt say it any better. I posted a thread about R/C Nitro Talk in a very well known forum and was banned for it. :confused:

Yeah the calender is cool:banana: :banana: :bandit: :cool: :classic: :normal:
will you bother going back on there using another name or not.
Easy-MAXX: They banned my IP, though I did use a proxy to get around it to see if they also deleted me username or not. They did not delete the username but they did delete the post reguarding this site.

After that I will not be visiting the site again, forum or main. For a admin to ban someone without any warning AND w/o anything thing listed in the rules stating its not allowed to post personal or other sites is not worth my time.

I went to put my b-day on the cal but its already there. the calendar is awesome:banana: :banana: :banana:
thedominator - If you fill in your birthday in your profile or during registering it will also add it in the calendar for you! On top of that, the main page and at the bottom of the forum will show any today's birthdays if there is any! :D

matts6887 - Thanks for your comment, and I am glad you enjoy the site. Though I feel the best is yet to come, as I can add more and more features, its the members like yourself that will make this place for what it is no matter what I add. So I say to all of you, keep up the great work. For a site that has been up for only about 2days has grew very quickly.

hey, our posts get deleted of a certain forum. and I'm not afraid to say which one. the traxxas board. i believe it is the oval tean moderater on the board. she is a hateful witch. (the w is a typo)
she think we are spamming the site. oh well. i will still go there cuz it is a very big board. that is how i found out about this site.
looks good. like the title "r/c NITRO. hehe
well we're all entitled to your own opinion. I can't say I have had much of a problem with her.I think we all have our times.

I would love to see her and her husband join as they are a HUGE part of the traxxas forum and have good info for everyone.

none of the moderators have been rude to me on the traxxas forum,i have come close to being bad a couple of times,cos i cannot stand people ripping apart others for nowt.when we all hit "submit reply" we are all open to being attacked for our views,but sometimes people get hung for nothing,to me that is rude.
I think OQ is pretty nice or a least when i'm on there:banana:
oq is mean, she acts like my mom and tells me what to do, when and how... thas not a mod, a mod just warns you that your being bad... and she keeps calling me hun.. thats disturbing...