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Thnx all. Just needs some finishing touches now
FYI for anyone with a Kyosho Fazer MK2 of u didn’t already know. So for anybody keeping up with this build I just started working on the Trans Am body and ran into a little setback. I knew the wheel base was a little off but looks like it may be more than I’m gonna like. lol. So I've heard the wheel base was adjustable. It’s not. I’ve come to find out there are 2 sizes. A 260mm standard 1/10 on over 98% of everything out there and a 274mm which is my 66 Chevy truck. I did some looking around. The Camaro and Datsun were 2 of the kits at 260mm wheelbase. I’m sure there is more. Heres a pic of what I think fits the 274mm. This is from my optional parts catalog that came with truck. Long story short (too late for that lol) Size does matter!


So with the Trans Am body not fitting well on the long chassis instead of spending $30 or more on it to sit around. I thought I’d try out some paint samples of old paint I had laying around. All 3 pieces have Spazstix silver pearl top coat. The black and battleship gray are the final coats on those two. The candy apple green hard anodized from Spazstix is backed with Taniya bright silver. Which is more of a dry metal flake. I'm gonna use the silver pearl and battleship gray on the Trans Am and save the green for a body that fits. First pic is in the sun second is inside under lights let me know what u guys think. Zoom in to see it better


Hope to get trans am body painted tomorrow. Gonna wash and mask it tonight. Then spray pearl on in morning and the gray after lunch


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