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The 2nd NC Bash is coming up on Labor day Monday in Winston-Salem at Hobby Park. So far we got 4 comfirmed Maxxer's coming. We got a Picco, two OS's and a Fantom. As I said, this is the 2nd NC Bash. We had a great time at the first Bash, and this one promisses to be even better! (At least for Divine, Guan and myself;) ) If anyone is interseted in attending, please feel free to PM me either here on on the Traxxas Board for directions. Hope to see others join up!
You should add this to the calendar!

I see you already did. Thanks! We need to get some more people in on this. It is a great bunch of guys.
I put it up on the calender three weeks ago guys! Fett what about me :eek: You don't want to mention the CHAMPION of the last bash? Fetts right, we all had a GREAT time last time, we cooked out, raced trucks and just had a great time all around. I am looking forward to round two. I have a bunch of new surprises for you guys this time. Heres a link to the pics from the first one, check em out and come on out and join us for a killer time!

Champion???? Are we going to start this here too??:)

Yes, Old NCNitro had the most run time of all of us, so he thinks that qualifies him as the "Champion":rolleyes:

The important part is we all had a great time. And we will again!!
Fett, I Totally agree! :D Everyone come on out, old Divines even coming up from Florida. It will be a great time again :banana: