tuned to the maxx

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Looks cool:D But how about giving us alittle more info like what gearing and what fuel your running.
and what engine...
os cvx 15. with 4 gallons in it.blue thunder 20% 18/72 gearing. I have hard core mutant heat sink. duratrax header ae 7740 pipe fuel filter, titain stable maxx rims with mashers , bigbores,and 1 perfect tunner. j/k took a month to tune it perfectly for me.

here is another
Very Cool! Literally! Feel lucky to not only have a mill that runs at 230 on your Maxx, BUT, one that ALSO pulls the wheels like that! Great work!

Nice work, and only 230...well done. I love to watch those wheelies..

i was, and still am in shock how strong she runs and how cold. My buddy has the same mill (bought them the same day) and he has the 16 cb and no where near the same power. The one difference between us is he has the blue traxxas pipe and i have ae pipe. his runs hot compaired to mine. I do think luck has to play a role with this.
A word of caution,
Aftermarket heads work well, maybe to well.
Remember that the head is dispersing the heat on the top end of your engine much better now, however, the bottom end is still operating close to the same temps as before.

Our first thoughts are to run the engine at the same temps as before and enjoy all that newfound Power. Be careful, you must have smoke at all times.

If your engine was running at 230 with the old head be happy running it at 200-210 with the new one.

IMO the extra cooling should help aid in extending the engine life and add a bit of extra power.

Take it for what its worth, I speak with experience and a fried engine on this one.

It sure was fun while it lasted :)
i do value all your input a lot...You once explained this to me in an older post. I have taken your word and i have plenty of smoke coming out. I run my rig for a tank or so then let it cool 15 min. On dead starts on grass There is smoke lingering on the grass for a min or so after i take off. Also on top end (2-3 seconds of wot) i have smoke. I do maintain my rid regularly and the pipe is always wet with oil (dripping out of stinger). Is that good or bad?

When i have my rid spotless i take the header and heat head off to look at the color of piston and its travel in the sleeve, it is perfect. (4 gallons) it does have the blue thunder trade mark on it though. (blue stain)

side note: Yesterday it was getting darker and the light must have been reflecting perfectly but i could see lots of smoke in the air from my rig running. There was a thick nitro haze in the parking lot.


My rid always ran good but this new wheelie thing came after i installed new throttle servo, and major weather changes think its possable?????????????

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