TRX transmitter voltmeter mod

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I am currently planning to add a DC voltmeter to my Traxxas radio. I've already added a charging jack to it, so this will complete the package.

I need to make some visits to Radio Shack to find the right one, then mount it in the radio case. I've had friends who use alkaline batteries wonder why their Maxx won't respond correctly and I have to point out the blinking LED by the power button. Hopefully adding a voltmeter will help prevent run-away Maxxes.

I will update this thread with my progress.

Any comments??? :D :banana: :D
That sounds like a great idea, post some pics of it when your finished. :) Maybe a equipment list of what you used and exactly how you did it. Good luck with it, again it sounds really cool to me.
Darth will it include a warning,such as a bleep when the batts.get low.
if it works you could make a charging jack and voltmeter all in one kit to sell.
perhaps i should get a cut of your sales Darth,giving you the idea and publicising it too ;)
Well, it would be nice to sell a kit :D

It won't have any audible warnings, just the visual one from the existing LED. I thought a voltmeter would be nice to monitor the voltage so you know when the batts are low before the little LED blinks at ya.
so the Q is are you gonna do a kit to sell?
i think you could sell a few and use the wonga to buy hop ups (COOL)
How would I sell them, ebay you think?

But before I get ahead of myself, I still need to find the right voltmeter and actually do the mod for you all to see. :D
post a sly advert in your "look what i done" posts on forums,and when guys say will you do me one,give them a pm with your e-mail addy
If this works out I just might try that. :D
There is a market for almost anything.. I had a guy make me wheelie bar and it was super sweet for only 15.00 shipping included I would have easily paid 25.00 plus shipping.. I also got a guy in Germany who has a buddy who made him some aluminum hex adapters so you could Run Maxx Rimms on a Stampede. I bought one set then had him ship me 10 more sets to sell to other guys that wanted them.. So remember there is always a market.. the guy that made the wheelie bars made enough money to buy himself a nitro in a few months and a lot of people got some qaulity parts for a great price.
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that is right guys,if the product is reviewed on here,once guys say i want one,they are good enough to sell:)

I haven't found a sutable voltmeter yet.
I'm looking for an analog meter that is no more than 2 inches square/round. Radio Shack's website does not seem to have many parts listed, so a personal visit is required.

I have started considering building a digital circuit to monitor voltage and have it output to an LED bar. More complicated, but the cool factor goes up a notch. :banana:
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Darth, you got me thinking, too. How about something like this:

Low power LED Voltmeter

It says it's low draw and built on a 2x3 board. That may be just what you need. Let me know what you think. 'Cuz if it works, I may be inclined to build on, too.
I've seen that schematic. It may just work, since the TX unit runs on 12V. Maybe it could be adjusted to read the lower voltage output of NiCad / NiMh batteries.
I would think that it would do ok even if set up for 12 volts. The charged voltage of my 8 NiCds is over 11 volts if I read right. All the LED's may not light when you hit the switch, but most should. And you'll still know the batts are low when the meter gets to the red, right?