Traxxas T-maxx rebuild

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Hello, I'm rebuilding a T-Maxx 2.5 and have some questions; The T-Maxx I have is in good condition, other than needing an Engine, Transmission, and Transmission Rev servo. Some minor things would be brake disk, spear gear and pinion, motor mounts, screws to hold everything down.. I have the RX module, standard Traxxas 2.4GHZ model #2218. There is a number on the front bulk, #B 0415725. I'm not sure if that is a model number or not. I bought the truck used on E-Bay as a roller for $50 bucks. I've been into RC for a while but I have never taken on a project of this magnitude, particularly building a truck with no background on the kit is hard. This model has EZ-Start, I'm sure this means nothing, Traxxas has been using easy start for years, well before the creation of the EZ-Start wand. Any feed back is welcome, I need all the help I can get. I'm in college, so if I dont reply right away thats why. Thanks. P.S This is also posted in the "Introduce yourself Page."

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