Traxxas Forum is getting ridiculous...

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Read my thread:

They're getting kind of stupid about deleting threads over there, you know me - always fair and professional.

It will probably get deleted - so here's what it says:

A recent thread on this forum about ANOTHER forum possibly having major interest in a parts manufacturer deleting threads about competitive parts manufacturers...

So a few of us listed a few other forums as options...

My Q is why delete the thread?

This forum has something like 16,000 members. Most of the forums mentioned are barely even alive compared to this huge forum - I can't imagine that users leaving this forum would be of that much concern.

It just doesn't seem professional, fair or ethical to so quickly delete the mere mention of another forum. This should be a very open and supportive forum of EVERYTHING R/C related due to the very nature of the ownership (Traxxas) basing it's entire business on promoting and spreading the news about the R/C industry and our toys!
The reason that thread was deleted was LowGear's vulgarity and slanderous language directed first at one site, and then at me. I reported him to the mod, thinking his posts would be removed; instead she removed the entire thread...don't know why.

So that's the part that i missed!
Yup...I too agree that the site mods are getting a little heavy handed with the editing at times...I know OQ will most likely read this and respond...

I posted a couple threads with the word hell in them...I was unaware that the word was a taboo word...I was informed of the infraction and the threads were edited by OQ (she mispelled one of the edits, that gave me a laugh)...but I then come across other threads with titles Omg (Oh my God--similar to hell, a biblical change--she claims g is goodness...maybe). I see threads with sucks and other normal english dialogue that is typically not thought of as vulgar and they are untouched...since when is hell a bad word?
Originally posted by SkyMaxx
Omg (Oh my God--similar to hell, a biblical change--she claims g is goodness...maybe).

Funny that was said, cause I know someone that almost got banned over saying "BS" he claimed it was "Bad Stuff", so hows that any difference then OMG?

Yeah, most of us think BS as bull sh**, but then again most of us think of OMG as Oh My God. :rolleyes:

Originally posted by WoodiE

Yeah, most of us think BS as bull sh**, but then again most of us think of OMG as Oh My God. :rolleyes:

If you believe Pirata was using BS as nothing other than mancow cawcaw, you are kind indeed...j/k

I find it humerous that there seems to be some degree of selective editing...
It’s a shame that useful information and an all around good debate needs to be deleted because someone hasn’t learned to properly express themselves in public.

I will be the first to say that vulgarity and bad words do have their place, but it’s not on a public forum or while communicating to the general public.

You can dress them up but you can’t take them out!
My point wasn't the fact that he was or wasn't using it in the manner more people would think of it as, the point was exactly what you said, there is a great degree of selective editing.

To say OMG means one thing when the majority of people use it as another seems funny to me.

However, i kinda like R/C Nitro Talk a lil better, I'm not sure why, but it seems to pull me in. So i post VERY little over there anymore.

True enough on all counts both FastEddy and this thread turned into a 3 mods on 1 member thread pretty quick...I'm glad we're all of a like mind, or I might be toast...

I was happy to see the other sites posted, but when LowGear started using his own rating system for some of the sites (he used some homophobic and female hygene product analogies that were distasteful) in an attempt to make his site (which is nothing compared to the TRAXXAS site, and no where near this site or the other one he was bashing) look good; I made a remark to how immature his demeanor was for a 22 yr old.

He came back guns a blazin'. First bashing my career in the service of my country. Second calling into question my sexual preference. Third using foul language to do both. I reported him in the hopes that OQ or HW would edit his posts appropriately and let him have it, but they locked the thread and then deleted it...losing the two or three sites that were posted as alternatives (including LowGear's).
it is indeed a shame to see people can't conduct themselves in a more proper manner.
OMG! Guys

I “Offer My Gratitude” for your clarification. :D
I didnt see the Traxxas thread.
Thanks for the update.
LMAO @ FastEddy...i swear there is something wrong with that guy.

DOH - lmao...?
Lets not forget, he is the first guy to sue someone if they accidentally hit him with their r/c. And to call us 'kids' is just another sign of his liberal left wing attitude.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

So What is LMBO ? Laughing my bumbles off?

And what about LMAO? Laughing my apples off?


Hmmm...queazy feeling. A little harsh retort by HW ya think? I know the rules. I understand mostly. But why delete other pertinent content just because one member was an idiot. Remove his reply. Revoke his membership. But was it necessary to take the WHOLE thread? That's the issue. Now, Matts, I have read many debates around your post. I dunno. I just like a cleaner forum. My preference. If it comes to having to spice up your posts with objectionable words, then you may want to reconsider the substance of the post. I have kids and there are things that I don't really want them to read. Just my opinion. Not starting a war. We have all been peaceful here. And so far, I have seen nothing on this board that has offended me. I like that. So here I stay. It's kind and happy. What better place to hang???? Right?
I think the Traxxas Forum needs to change the name from Moderators to Bouncers.

The way I see it, the Traxxas forum has become inundated with useless un-educated people. In order to try and re-establish control they are taking a hard line zero tolerance approach. It’s unfortunate that the have chosen this approach, like always, the innocent people get caught in the crossfire. The Traxxas Forum, at one time, was a great place to go. Boy how things have changed.
What happened to all the knowledgably posters that were around 3 month ago? Not @ Traxxas.
Did they finely get a clue? All the twerps on the site have driven them away.

Do I understand what they are trying to do? Yes.
Do I Agree with the way they are going about it. No.
Do I think Holmie was out of line and condescending? Yes

In the meantime I would like to welcome all former Traxxas Forum users to our little slice of paradise.
I am kind of curious where HW gets the impression that we are kids...I may be a kid at heart, but I am a 32 year old father of three. Quite frankly he can kiss my ...

As for the rules on that forum, I am aware of where did it say that hell was a taboo word, and in no way do I go out of my way to break them...

I am thinking that certain mods on the TRAXXAS site are getting a little long in the tooth and should move on...
KID.....HELL (oops, please don't ban me), I'm 36, Homewrecker has a huge ego problem! He spouted off on that thread like a schoolyard bully. I too agree remove the offensive part of the thread not the entire thread, and deal with that member on a one to one basis, and in a professional manner. I tried going back over there for a few days, but I could not believe how that site has nosedived over the past few months. So I'm back here full time again.
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