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hi I was thinking about building a offroad track in my back yard and I was wondering what type of simple design to make. any input would help.
Thanks for the help
your welcome!

maxx i can't pm you?????
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I might have blocked it sorry
well i just wanted to say that please dont be affended by my image. I am just testing a few things.

look in your profile then edit options and see whats going on!!!
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I fixed It. don't worry I'm not

I actually thought it was funny. When I made my profile I mustn't have enabled it

It should work now
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That's a cool track for a backyard type. I prefer longer straights so you can get some great speed and air like the one Sky and I use at one of my work sites.

Hmmm, I may even get one of my guys to make a full scale track with the bulldozer. No matter what I do it has to look semi natural so my boss does not see it as a track but as natural ground formations that I run my RC on. Hmmmm the brain it devising a devious way to accomplish this!
That 2.5 didn't seem to get much punch on that track...I figured it would be taking those doubles as a single...guess she wasn't letting it all hang out...
It was the new maxx. I'd love to make the track huge but I have limited space and want to keep it simple the area is around 50x50.

I have a off the topic question what's with the banana
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50X50 is not too big but there is plenty of room to make some stuff in that space. I think the approach alone for the big jump Sky and I use is like 75 and the landing is about 30.
New size (bad math) 50x100
yea his backyard is pretty big. he could make a nice sized track but nothin big. adn its not flat, its sloped. but not that much(but just enough to make a nice slip adn slide).
Thats a good layout, I was lookin for somethin like that. Any Idea what the dimensions are Lot is actually 100x100 But I'm only allowed to use around half.
but thats still alot . cause your backyard is pretty big.
come on peeps keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!