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On-Line R/C Shopping Coupon Codes

Grabbed off another forum...

Towerhobbies Codes:
010A1 SAVE $5 ON $74.90 order
010A2 SAVE $10 ON $149.90 order
010A3 SAVE $15 ON $199.90 order
010A4 SAVE $20 ON $249.90 order
010A5 SAVE $25 ON $299.90 order
010A6 FREE P&H ON $49.90 order
010C3 SAVE $10 ON $49.90 order
010D1 SAVE $10 ON $49.90 order
010F1 SAVE $10 ON $24.99 order
011A9 SAVE $20 ON $198.90 order
011C4 SAVE $10 ON $49.90 order
011F9 SAVE $20 ON $198.90 order
011H2 SAVE $10 ON $49.90 order
011H4 SAVE $20 ON $198.90 order
011H5 SAVE $20 ON $198.90 order
011K4 SAVE $10 ON $24.99 order
011M2 SAVE $10 ON $49.90 order
011P3 SAVE $10 ON $24.99 order

D10NIEH - $10.00 off of purchase over $150.00
D15NIEH - $15.00 off of purchase over $250.00
D20NIEH - $20.00 off of purchase over $300.00
D30NIEH - $30.00 off of purchase over $400.00
D40NIEH - $40.00 off of purchase over $500.00
D60NIEH - $60.00 off of purchase over $700.00
D100NIEH - $100.00 off purchase over $1000.00
011V2 SAVE $20 ON $198.90 order
011Y7 SAVE $10 ON $49.90 order
Where do you get these? Just wanted to know.
From a post off of MaxxTraxx
Those codes have been circulating for some they still work?
Good question...I suppose the only way to know - is to try. The post states that they were just recently updated.
Woodie, can we not get rid of this ANNOYING SPAMMING from this guy? His board is pathetic and the pop-ups make it even worse.
Easy now...

Originally posted by FlyinRazorback
Woodie, can we not get rid of this ANNOYING SPAMMING from this guy? His board is pathetic and the pop-ups make it even worse.

I give him credit for putting something together...let's try to be at least a little nice here! If you visited it and didn't like the site...don't go there again. I don't have a problem with his post...I think this Forum stands head and shoulders above the rest...and keeps getting taller by the day, so there's no worries from me about stolen "business".

therczone - I think a few posts here and there are OK...just don't overdo it and start spamming the forum here or you'll end up getting banned. Why don't you put your site url in your sig while ur at it and just start contributing content to this forum instead of JUST advertising in your posts?

therczone - more might want to check your grammar and spelling a bit closer on your Forum. I read the "waterproof" tip and trick - it looks pretty much swiped from - I'll leave it at that, but if you're going to swipe from someone could at least copy the text correctly. I don't have ANY problems with ANYONE copying my stuff - just give credit where credit is due and copy it in it's entirety.

One more thing....

therczone - Thank you very much for the list of ehobbies coupon codes, RC Nitro Talk thanks you.

Everyone Else - I ammended the initial Post on this now includes the EHobbies codes as well.
I did it in three forums, and only three because my site is not about planes or boats or supermaxx's. I know I posted it in three forums. sorry.

you are entitled to your opinion, but i did not copy it off maxx skunk works, and if i did, then when your at the Tips-N-Tricks page look at the blue bar, it has the source, credit, time, and cost. it is a common fact that you waterproof with balloons. I didnt really need to put it up.

your welcome. I just like helping others in rc.

I am trying to get a .com and upgrade my forum. my parents need convincing.

I will cool it with the site.

I dont wanna be hated.
Not hated at all...nice touch on the sig...that works for me. Not sure how the other admins/mods will see it, but I don't have a problem with it.
ok good. I dont want anyone upset. I dont shop at Tower Hobbies, but I find codes non-stop.:classic:
OK, maybe I was a little too harsh with my wording, sorry therczone. In the end it really doesn't matter, as long as we have a place where we can all talk about what we all love to do and share our experiences.
Well, I now know that code 010C3 works. Just saved me $10 on a $50 order. Not too bad at all.
Yep, membership has it's privileges :cross:
Re: my forum has more!

Originally posted by therczone
if you all want codes to towerhobbies and e-hobbies go to this forum under "Off Topic".
I looked for "off topic" and didn't see it.

Originally posted by FlyinRazorback
Woodie, can we not get rid of this ANNOYING SPAMMING from this guy? His board is pathetic and the pop-ups make it even worse.
What I did see was annoying pop-ups!
Yep, pop-ups are a sure way to kill a website. I can't stand them.
Been thinking about the whole "ad" thing on my site...gimme some feedback fellas.
I've got the banners at the top of the pages...and the "pop unders" (they pop up UNDER the page ur viewing), that aren't intrusive. I'm making about $10 a month off the adds - not much but just enough to cover the hosting fees!
I hate the pop unders just as much also. Sorry. The ones that keep banners directly on your page are less annoying than the pages that have the pop-ups.

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