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Well everyone in nitro should have an engine tuning screwdriver. Some are custom made while others are purchased just for this reason. For this tip, I have selected the DuraTrax Engine Tuning screwdriver as my #1 choice.


As you can see, this is no ordinary screwdriver. It is in fact 2 tools in one. Although controversial, it comes with a piston locking tool. The piston lock is perfectly flat and did not appear to damage my piston head at all. I experimented on my old TRX Pro.

The screwdriver also has a nice little storage area for a single glo plug. The plug fit perfectly and very snug. No bad threading here.

The screwdriver itself performed very well. The shaft was long enough to get to the LSN on my Losi which I consider to be a tough area to get to. The size of the blade was perfect for both HS and LS as well as throttle stop needles.

The handle is just heavy enough to give you a good feel. It is also ribbed in the event you need a little extra grip.

The only thing I have not been able to figure out, is if the tip/shaft is replaceable in the event it is broken. I'm waiting to hear back on this.

All in all I give this screwdriver 2 thumbs up! It has also become the only tuning screwdriver I carry in my box. The retail price is anywhere from 10-12 dollars.

In a R/C mag that i have to there are some tips like if you wanna pull the fly wheel you can use a car battery terminal puller it says it works good !!!
I bought a set of 2 Stanley screw drivers at Wal-Mart for about $3. They have a Philips head and a standard head. Both are about 6 inches long and have cushion handles. The standard driver has a head on it perfect for engine needles.
Another great review, and another tool to add to my chest...
Eddy - No I'm not changing my name lol!

Tiny- I'm going to have to check that out. Got my curiosity going.

Darth - What sizes? I've tried stanley, craftsmen, nobrand, jewelers, SnapOn (kind of like that one too) and a couple others, including the other Duratrax tuning blade. I like that I have a 100% perfect (always stay-in-shape) piston lock. Plus I wont need to look for it. The glo caddy is just bonus. Since I need another tool to change it anyhow.

Sky - did you get that OFNA FlyWrench yet? I got another tool you might want too if you did.

Matts - DuraTrax makes some really good products. Their header for one, is the best match for the AE pipe I have ever found. My LHS hooked me HUGE there. Its only 11 bucks too ;)

Glad you guys enjoyed - let me know if you get one. I'm always curious of others feedback about the same product.
Picking it up this weekend...had LHS order a couple...

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