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Well this is for all of you Nitro folks out there. Just a little blurb on Flywheels and their respective tool, the FlyWheel Wrench.

After cutting a couple of crankshafts and having to change collets, I quickly realized that there is one "must have" tool in your Nitro Toolbox. A FlyWheel wrench. Though there are probably many of manufacturers of these wrenches, I believe two of them to be the best.

1. Mftr Part # 10799 - OFNA FlyWheel Wrench
Click Here To See!

2. Mftr Part # 80951 - Kyosho FlyWheel Wrench
Click Here To See!

Although the OFNA wrench doesn't look as pretty, its price is more appealing and it does the job. This is the one I keep in my box. They retail for around 7 dollars U.S. at most hobby shops. It comes with a lifetime warranty and can be used on 2, 3 and even 4 pin flywheels. It also has a 17mm wheel wrench on the other end.

The Kyosho, although prettier, is a lot more expensive and only works on 2 and 3 pin flywheels. I'm uncertain of its warranty if any. It does however have a 5.5mm and 7mm wrench, which are more useable than the 17mm wheelwrench. The Kyosho also has a 120mm ruler down one side which can come in handy. The retail price on the Kyosho is anywhere from 16-20 dollars U.S..

All in all, using a flywheel wrench will make life a whole lot easier and keep your flywheel looking the way it should. After all, busted knuckles are no fun! These wrenches will greatly reduce the bloodshed.

I give the OFNA a 2 thumbs up! For price, warranty and up to 4 pin use.

Hope this helps! ;)
That is exactly the kind of tool I need to add to my kit...thanks for the research, testing, and finally the posting. Add another $10 to my post bashing spare parts budget (up from $50).
No Problem! Next tool tip will be on a tuning screwdriver - sounds simple right??? Well, I finall found a good one!

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