Todays Bash Session Pics!

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Well we had a good turnout! Check out the pics!

My Losi got some SERIOUS air today! By far, it took all the Maxxes in Distance! But overall, the maxxes were the showcase! Great day guys!

P.S. - I'm hoping someone got some pics of my Maxx in action, still waiting on 2 cameras worth of shots as well as 2 cam corders worth of video. Video coming soon!
Great set of pics:classic: Now I know what I should have been doing today.
Looks like fun...........nice pics
let me guess your using a sony mavica dig camera?
;) mavica it is......

Thanks for the props :banana:
me too... the mvc file name gives it away :)
Were it not for some bad weather, I'm sure the Pirate and I would have been tearing things up down here (next weekend for sure Pirata)...

Christian, great pics...looks like that hummer can fly.
Thanks Sky! Hey, that Squadron you linked to for those graphics had some killer pics on them. I got lost on there the other night.

Thanx ;)
Most of the fighter squadrons have some cool pictures, but that squadron has some history...they are like the "Black Sheep" squadron (a marine corps squadron)
Why weren't you guys using the big jumps in the background? Pics are great. I prefer wider jumps because they are harder to miss at full speed than the small ones.
Are those mini-vans? I saw mini-vans...what's up with that? No self respecting family man will be caught driving a mini-van...:D
:banana: Nice pics. I use my neighbors ramp like that when they arent home!
We did use the big hills in the back. Unfortunately, the other side of those hills was a BAD BAD BAD place to be sending your r.c.. However, the WOT runs accross that field proved to be full of all kind of wicked terrain, including jumps. The ramps made for a consistant launch/land spot. I had my Losi flying easily over 25ft through the air. Thats all the jump I need :D

We will be back at it again this week for sure!

Sky - Mines not a minivan hehehe.... I drive the Big Ole Envoy XL. Its a killer ride! And BIG!
Just makin' sure...they both looked a lot like mini-vans...are you sure you're just not a closet mini-van driver, the rear of that silver Envoy looks like a mini-van...;)
Ok! Thats It! You BUSTED me! (my wife has a mini van - that I do in fact drive once in a while!) shhhhhhhhh dont tell.
Hey Chris, you guys going to be at it next weekend?
hopefully in the morning?? :banana: