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If you are like me you have probably upgraded to the PBS on the front end. Only to find that the upper a arm breaks quite frequently if you race or bash hard. You have also noticed that only the vendetta st has the upper arm available in aluminum. Well I'm currently in the process of having some machined. I want to know how many people want this part. How many should I have made. I will have some pictures as soon as I jave them made .
I never upgraded to the PBS front end. I run the aluminum front knuckles and have yet to have any breakage issues after switching to the aluminum.

What is the advantage of switching to a PBS front end?
Well i guess I'm suprized to hear you have had no problems. Where i race the vendettas break frequently in the front end, like the upper camber link or the ball studs break or shear off. So peeps switched the the pbs, which is smoother and more durable exept the upper a arm. That is why the detta st has the pbs. Because it is heavyer and needs more strength.
pillow ball suspension.

I run aluminum front hubs and haven't had any issues with breakage. Maybe because I crash less? :hehe: JK

IIRC the Vendetta ST is actually lighter than the buggy version. Go figure.
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Thats odd, the specs for the st says its lighter. There is no way. Wider suspension arms all the way around, longer drive shafts, bigger heavyer tires, bigger heavyer body, bigger diameter shocks, more shock fluid bigger shock towers, bigger body mounts. Anyways all the rest of the vendettas run the pbs... the st the tc and the rally all run the pbs.

And I'm sure you do crash less than I.
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Ok, i got the part made and took it out to the track today. The track is blacktop with wood jumps covered with carpet. The borders ar made of pvc and there are couplers to join the tubes. If you catch one of the couplers on the straight away your sc
So i put my new custom upper a arm with the titanium ballstuds on.
GREAT SUCCESS!!! Nothing broke. I crashed it hard on purpose, i crashed hard not on purpose,.... nothing, nothing broke at all. I let the other guys drive it and they crashed it, nothing broke. In my book its bullet proof. While others broke upper a arms with the pbs setup, and others broke lower a arms whithe ballsuds ripping out of the plastic, i was unscathed.
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Nice work! Will you be mass producing these?
I think I'm gonna make 50 pair and sell them on fleebay and see how they sell. If they sell well ill make even more. The prototypes werent too expensive, so in bulk i should be able to sell them for around 20-25$.

Ill keep updating when and how much they will be. :)