Tmaxx needs some Jenny’s

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Running some nitro this evening, I tore up my ride. Not much else to say other then here I come Jenny’s!!!

Man that hurts for sure but, I do have a serious question. I don’t know how fast this tmaxx is. But, it’s substantially faster than a stock one. I hit a telephone pole wide open. I know nothing is supposed to survive that.

I don’t jump and flip mine a bunch. But, I wreck them pretty hard because I’m pretty much WOT or on the way there when I run my nitro’s. Is the RPM arms truly better.

I’m not saying the stock setup should have survived the wreck. I’m just saying now is the time if there’s a better option. Thanks guys.


I can't speak for my Tmax because I don't care to run nitro so it just sits on the shelf.
I do however run RPM arms on all my rigs.
Yes, in this case, the RPM arms are fantastic on the T/E MAXX's. We still have a couple around and all have been replaced with RPM. Well worth the time and money.
I'm not a fan of RPM. But on the Tmaxx they worked well. It was a common upgrade to have RPM arms and have aluminum bulkheads.

Thanks to you all. We will see. I have factory arms in stock. 😀. But, this truck is simply unbelievable with this motor and tire combo. It is so much quicker and over all faster. I’m so pleased with it. I know I’m going to wreck it more. It’s a lot more stable and refined on these tires. But, a servo upgrade is needed. I think I’ll do it all. Gotta save a little coin. I had to spend my rc pool on new shocks, a set of axle shafts, push rods, etc….

The pole is fine. I was having so much fun. Got one tank in it before breaking it. I love these carbs.

And everybody knows hellmans is the best. But, I’m a tightwad in every arena of life so I can enjoy my hobbies. We haven’t bought Tupperware in years. I save my mayonnaise jars. I clean them up good, take the label off. Store stuff in them. So, I got some needing a use. Never thought of that. It’s genius!!! Hmmm, what’s the best mayonnaise….
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Welp, I ended up ordering the RPM true track rear arms in black. I’ll order the front RPM and replace them as these break. I went back with the stock arms because I had them.

I think I’m going to run this up through August off and on. So, I’ll do a complete tear down and service it good. Clean it good. Do some sticker buying and put a shelf body on it. Going to do a high sheen white pro graphic body. Put the right stickers on it. Do it right.

Anyways, I gotta finish my 2.5. And, I’ve accumulated enough spare parts to build a revo 3.3. My chassis arrived today. I’m thinking that’s going to be my next winter project. I need a transmission and a few odds and ends. That’s it.

Sorry, got long winded. But, i am pretty pumped about the builds and cars I’ll have when it’s done.

Here’s pics of the repaired truck waiting on shocks. And, that second pic showing the bolts isn’t skewed. It broke both arms on the left and the upper on the right front. Bent those bumper bolts pretty good too.

God bless fellas.


Some Tmaxx stock parts arent that good like the bulkheads one of my friends took his tmazz .15 off a small jump and the shock tower flew off.
That Maxx .15 is now mine
Traxxas used to have some beautiful aluminum ones with the silver frown where they shave the edges.

I haven't ran mine much but I fixed a 3.3 that had the same damage. Dude told me he hit a culvert.

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