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Hey guys. I purchased a tlr 22t 4.0 a couple months ago. Now,,,without getting into an rc manufacturer debate, in my opinion, tlr is lacking in performance and quality areas as compared to some other manufacturers. Especially carpet vehicles. Luckily carpet is none of my personal concern as I only race two or three tracks and they are all clay. it does bother me a little bit because I have so much invested in this brand. So, I'm a mid pack driver on a good day so I hit stuff. Quite frequently. I've been having so many problems with the front spindle bearing inserts and ball cups popping off even if I just touch a pipe. I've seen other brands Stadium trucks hit objects harder without failure. It might just be coincidence or maybe a bit of ignorance on my part, but it sure looks this way. Anybody else have this problem?


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The stock ball cups are a well-known issue with TLRs. :cry: I was lucky and when I got my roller 22 4.0 it had the titanium rods and the HD open ended ball cups installed by the previous owner. I haven't had any pop-off issues whatsoever running them on my buggy even after some HARD hits. Plus you can take the rods off and/or adjust them without the constant need to pop them off and loosen them up from doing so. Ignore the negative reviews as they are for the earlier models. They work great on the 4.0 as far as I and the other reviewers have experienced.

Haven't had any issues personally with the spindle inserts so don't know what to tell you on that one.

I can tell you though, another guy and I who both run TLRs have had less breakages than most of the b6.1s we race against with the same type of hits. This is on a turf track mind you.
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