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As titles i want to know some tires for just flying around a concrete parking lot with the 4tec i have some hpi's forget name of them there all right but seem to wear fast they make it spin out very easy though..

I'm running a concrete parking lot thats rough I'm looking for something that gives decent grip but also decent wear i thought of foams but figured it would wast them to quick ..

i know i can work on setup to fix the spining problem as i just got this recently it still setup pretty much stock settings any advice

thx Rob:banana:
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HPI makes a nice selection of tires as well. Check em out....
or go right to the tires here:

They also have some really cool foam inserts that I just put in on my TC3. The rubber is a ProLine Gumby tire but the foams by HPI MAKE the tire complete. The stock foam inserts sucked.

These are what I got here:


Well worth the 8 bucks all the way around.