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Snook Man

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Sugar Hill Ga
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Preliminary test run.
It’s locked in 1st gear only atm and the throttle is limited to about ¾ open.
Both engines are already warmed up close to running temps when the video starts and the tanks were topped off with fuel. A little more than 5 minutes run time as it is with the little tanks so that’s perfect for just speed runs. But throttle is limited and I’m running the smallest venturi’s in the carbs for now so it will burn more fuel when opened up.
It’s also still tuned on the rich side.
I still have a little issue with the throttles retuning to the idle gap completely as you can hear, and see in the video when I push it back it idles perfectly. I know what needs to be done to correct the issue but I have to disassemble the entire linkage to make it work correctly. I just couldn’t resist running it with that little hiccup. Not too bad for the 1st run though. It handles better than I thought it would, tuning radius is great and the brakes worked very well. I was concerned about locking up the rear wheels but at slower speeds it worked great. We’ll see what happens when I unlock 2nd gear and build up more speed.
Its gonna be a hand full when tuned and opened up fully:)

It’s a 5 minute unedited video just putting it through the paces to see what may crop up.
Stay tuned…



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Hes still syncing them ^^. That thing is absolutly awesome sauce!! Keep the updates comin! Also, that would look so sick with a nice fast sleek body with the side air vents cut out to vent that intake system there.

Or whatever this kind of racing is I can't think of it lol.
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