This Is Making Me Mad !!!!!

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Ok i completely(sp?) fixed my truck after that big break !! Now it won't trurn ! It will turn maybe 1/4 of what it is supposed to turn !! And then it binds up and stops !! I don't know what is wrong i got new turnbuckles cuz the other ones were sticking real bad ! but other than that i have no idea what is going on !! :wtf: so please help me if you can ! This is making my VERY VERY mad :doh:
Did you overtighten the screws attaching the turnbuckle ends to the drag link? Overtightening the screws in the turning linkage will cause the symptoms of binding steerage. Check to make sure things are secure, but not overtightened. Also make sure that no part of the screws are protruding above the drag link and getting hung up on the underside of the front bulkhead.
None of them are i already checked that out but it seems like it might just be binding in the a-arms ! but could that happen cuz one flows a little tighter then the others but even with out it hooked to the servo saver it still binds !Also does any one have a link to a servo saver for a reasonable price ?? (not an alumin.. one)!!

Because i\'ve spent to much money on this thing to just let it sit there and collect dust !! (it is supposed to collect dirt from the driving not from the basement) !! lol
Did you check to see if the pillow balls are to tight???
i think i just figured out why !! but you have to help me here !!! Are you supposed to put greese in the pillow ball cups and on the pillow balls ??? Need to know !!!
Did you by chance snug up the pillow balls at all? That would also add friction to the steering causing it to bind.

Kimbrough makes a decent servo saver:

This is the one I have on my HiTec steering servo.

No grease on the pillow can try some graphite, but the pillow balls are designed to be a lube-less joint. Just loosen them a quarter turn and see what you get.
AHHHHH i FOUND IT I THINK !!! theres greese on and in the pillow balls !!!

and there is dirt and all kinds of stuff in there !!
But how do you take them off do i just loosen the bolt thingy with the Hex top that is behind the rim ??
First, remove the wheel. Then with the appropriate sized allen wrench, remove the pillow ball caps. Next use another appropriate sized allen wrench, remove the pillow ball. Use denatured alchohol or some soapy water to clean the ball and the socket. If you use the soapy water route, make sure you get everything nice and dry or you may find rust to be the next thing binding your joint. You can do one at a time or all in one shot. It all depends on how much patience you have for the shocks pushing the a-arms one way and fighting you as you try and replace the pillow balls.
NO never mind thats not it !!! THIS IS MAKING ME SO FREAKING MAD RIGHT NOW !! I still can't find anything wrong !!!!! all the screws are nicely tightend, None of them are hitting any thing and the pillow balls have nothing to do with the binding . I FREAKING GIVE UP !!!! I have to start bashing soon or i'm going to LOOSE IT !!! it has been like 1 week since it broke and i got to drive it then for maybe 10 minutes tops !!! so if i don't start getting this stuff figured out i'm going to go NUTS :madface: !!!
The two posts that act as pivots for the steering linkage have retaining screws at the top of the chassis plate and on the bottom of the front skid plate. Are they all present and accounted for? Are they snug, but not overtightened?

Have you checked for binding without the servo attached to the linkage? Try moving the wheels without the servo attached and see if you get the same resisitance. If you don't, perhaps the servo is the problem.
Ok i'll try that tomorow cuz i need some sleep right now !! It is 10:30 pm here and i'm tired so SEE Y'all later !!

Since you just put in new nuckles you might have over tighten them. I have done that a few times:spidey:
but it was binding with the old buckles too !!

OK i have checked everything but the servo saver and those two posts that hold the stearing link!! so it is one of those to that is causing this stuff to bind !!
Did you check all the stuff I mentioned? Any luck?
I don't know what to look for on the servo saver or the two Cylinder style pivots for the links so i don't know which one it is !!

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