thinking of going from 18tcb to 16...

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does anyone have real time with this. I am not concerned with top end. I am a basher! I want to know if i need to change my shift point. I have an os cvx 15. Will it be able to lift the front end up?
my setup now is 72/18
I'm thinking i want to go 72/16 or 74/18

If anyone has a gear set up they like let me know.

oh yeah here a pic for ya!!!

touch me twice
Its hard to say if your going to need to change your shift point I dont know where you live, but about 7 out of 10 people would need to at least retune if not change the shift point in the trans when going that low with the gears.
I'm running 74/16 and didnt need to change the shiftpoint in the tranny. HOWEVER, you MUST retune your needles or you probably wont shift at all. With this extreme it took me a bit to get what I was looking for. Again, I never changed the shiftpoint in the tranny itself.

I'm certain others have had to change it in the tranny. I just wanted to emphasize on the retuning part. Its a must.

And I have no idea if it will lift your front end. It all depends on your overall setup. If the engine is new, more than likely yes.