The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

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El Pirata

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I bought a set of Big Bore Shocks, and a ton of other stuff, off E-Bay a few weeks ago and they still have not arrived. My T-Maxx is desperately waiting for these shocks so she can be complete, at least for a few weeks until I save up a little more cash to pay for the next set of upgrades. Waiting blows!!!
I'm right there with ya buddy...I have to wait for a bit of cash I'm expecting 1 Sept...then the building begins. I hope the .21 Fantom hits early in the month.
so you have to wait as long as we do,but ours comes over the local pond.which bigbores have you ordered,and any pics of your beast.i`d like to see what has got Sky all itching for a new beast.
I was itching for a new truck before he even got his first has more to do with everytime I see a truck that I like, it's a .21 conversion of one sort or another. His having one, just makes me want to get one that much more...I need to be able to crush him...:D
Is it true big bores are actually smaller than the standard plastic shocks as far as od of the shock body? X
:banana: :banana:
Its going to depend on who the manufacturer is. Some are short, long, fat, skinny and whatnot.

I found that the DYnamite big bores were MUCH more adjustable on the fly than the Traxxas big bores. Which would be ideal for going from the track to the bash session. However, they have a shorter throw.

As far as the Traxxas ones, (which I run), the Outer diameter was actually smaller than the stock standards. BUT, the inner diameter was bigger and deeper. The thing with these, you will have to install the spacers on the shafts if you want to lower them for track. Which if you track and bash all in one week, this can make things cumbersome.

I will probably be picking up another set of Dynamites just for adjustability.

I will keep you posted.
not as bad as waiting to see how much power your truck realy has.... I'm still breaking in my os cvx
Still waiting/ I came home fopr lunch to see if they arrived and am thinking of a legit reason to be late from lunch so that I will be here when they arrive.
I know what you mean I am waiting for my new Hardcore Mutant head to get here for my OS CVX .15 :) That stock one is sad.

As far as the shocks go, I've got the Dynamite/Losi threaded body shocks and trinity blue springs and I love em. No top caps at all to pop off, threaded bodies for easy adjustability. They even come with 50 weight oil. The springs that come with them are weak though. But I would definately buy them again. Plus all the other losi shock parts are interchangable, pistons, shafts, bottom caps, rod ends.
I use Paypal when buying off of ebay whenever possible. If you have a good seller, you can get your item within 3 days of winning the auction. When I got my J-Hawgs I was doing one of these little numbers --->:banana:
It's not that. Everything has arrived except the shocks. UPS tracking number said it was due to arrive today but it was shipped on Thursday. I am also waiting for a shipment from Fed Ex that does not have a current status for the past 6 hours. I stayed late from lunch working on paperwork. Now I really have to head back to work but theose stupid heel draggers have not arrived yet!!!