Maryland The Track in Gaithersburg (Full Hobby shop and Clay track)

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Yea. I’ll probably make a weekend out of it. Bring my dad and make him sit through a day of racing on Saturday then go to th Udvar-Hazey museum on Sunday. He’s never been and I know his mind will be blown once we’re there.
Slight track layout change and track maintenance




Looking forward to trying out the new layout
I was there last night, finally got the 13.5 buggy working better for me.
I was there last night, finally got the 13.5 buggy working better for me.
how is the slightly new layout?
I'm hoping Dad can take me down on the 19th since I have off that day. Hoping to get there at open and have a full practice and test/tune day. And also see if she has parts in stock.
I haven't been to a track since Christmas break.
During the school year, can't really go down as much like during summer. :(
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It’s good, although I’m struggling a bit with the 3rd double into a 180 rt turn. The turn is immediately after the jump and doesn’t have a lot of traction yet. A lot of us aren’t consistently making it. Hit it to slow you crash and to fast you slide into the pipe and or crash.
Great, that was the jump and turn I was talking about. Hopefully everyone wont slide through the turn now.
March 9th - bigger race - 40 bucks first class 25 additional. Normal 10th scale classes

April 13th - Vintage showdown - rules below

Technically I might be able to do the rustler in the vintage race but I would have to get 1, a older chassis and other older parts. 2, a 17.5 system, and clay slicks.
First time there this year! Haven't been since Christmas break. New ish layout, I like it. More traction. Less traction rolling.
For being out for a while, still got my consistency and lap times up. Pretty good