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You guys like this site right? SPREAD THE WORD, invite friends...talk about it...we've got to get more people on board...


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Çh®i§tiªñ registered here on the 25th of July and has never returned since and nerver posted a message. :\



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some people will register to save their name,and join in when things get going at a pace they like,i looged on as soon as my bud e-mailed me about this forum.i have chugged along ever since.


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It is a little slow right now but I'm sure in time there will be more posters:)


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Oh yeah think of it like this we have a great base of people that know rc cars and engines now we just need to get the word out to the new guy's who need help.


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If you build it they will come. As long as the pages load fast and there are people that know a little something about RC then the others will jump on. Be patient, it will happen. This is a good looking site and easy to navigate.


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Originally posted by Easy-MAXX
some people will register to save their name,and join in when things get going at a pace they like,i looged on as soon as my bud e-mailed me about this forum.i have chugged along ever since.
I did that at the HPI forum cause i though i might get an hpi:)


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Ah Em!

I gave it a bit to get rolling - what? did you all think I wouldn't bring my annoying self here?!?!?!?

CMON! I'm too obnoxious for that!

Besides, my wife needs something else to complain about! LOL!

Glad to be here :banana:

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