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This is for all the people who have and love their OS engine:banana:
gah, you took my icon..

still havent got my os back, must be somthing serious.. LOL

its a os cvx 15, and it kept overheating for no reason:banana: :classic:
Mine seems to be doing good so far, a little rich but runnin good. Hopefully you'll get a good engine back:D
The best nitro motor ever made !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldnt trade them of a millon bucks. well maybe a millon! :D
i run a .12 tr in my v-one r, and have a .21 rg in my maxx
of course we all know that they are very reliable engines.
yes yes very big O.S fan here, i don't have an O.S engine in my Tmaxx but i certainly have them
What's up thedominator you know I love Os I have 2 of them OS cv-x .15 oscvrx.15 they rock :banana: See you at the track .
.15cvrx,with a nj bth and cvec minus the spring setup.this baby will rip up the pavement:banana:
Hey Divine and Dom I will be putting the OS I just finished building with an KHB easy start converter, RRP vented flywheel, Racers edge 18 tooth clutch bell, MIP clutch, NJBT header, and AE Pipe. It will be in and running for the Labor Day holiday park bash! I'll let you know what I think :D
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i have a 15 cvr and have had various other OS's 12cvr and 2 15 cv-x's . i have never botherd with any other make . i have never felt the need to .. always thought OS were/are the best
Has any one noticed how much fuel this thing eats. I run out of gas like 1 min after a race. I had twice the run time w/ my M-16. I got it runnin good though 240 to 250 temps:banana: and I got a first today :banana: :banana:
congrats for getting first dude,many more to come.:D
Originally posted by Easy-MAXX
congrats for getting first dude,many more to come.:D

I'm the 2 time champ goin on 3. So far i got 2 1st's in the third series
this calls for bananas :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
Originally posted by NCNitro
Congratulation Dominator, but thats cuz I aint racing against ya, LOL. So where did divine finish?
2nd, he was runnin good and probably would have gotten me but he wrecked and there was no turn marshalls around so he sat on his back quite a while. I think people at my track are scared of the T's
Don't the guys from the previous race turn marshal? Just remember who they are when they are driving and you guys are marshalling. Oh well, I guess if he were a better driver he might have won, just kidding Divine, don't get em in a bunch, lol. Good luck next week.
or scared of the nutters controlling them;)
The people from the last race turn marshall but thats not enough. there needs to be other people out there:banana:
I placed second today the turn marshal screwed me up they left me on my side for a while on turn one. When they turned me over he was gone I was running him down at the end but didnt have enough time. Next time he is mine I had pole postion to. :)
I placed second! The turn marshals screwed me so bad on turn 1 I sat on my side for a while. Next time I will get him. He races good he is consistent. I have been chasing this guy for a while but I will get him next TIME:banana:

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