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Gone - bye bye.
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Hey Woodie this is a thanks to you and anyone that has contributed to this board and site.. I know what kind of time and energy it takes to build a site and maintain it espcially a BBB.
I personally elected to never build a BB for my site because I thought there were too many. I also personally hate free sites and boards with adds and pop-ups that drive me nuts.
Anyway thanks for making a new community that is worth being a part of and convincing me that there was room enough for one more BBB.. Does this mean I will start my own? Nope I am just gonna adopt yours if thats ok, My site is negelected enouge, I think its cause I screw with to many boards of too many types.. Anyway you have the correct formulas DON'T screw it up. and thanks again.X

P.S. email me for my address once we get that 200th person with 30 posts. X
big thank you guys for sorting a home from home.
Mad props for sure. See, I'm down with the lingo....

Much better than other boards. Clean. Clear. No clutter. Good forums. Good topics. I give it 2 thumbs up!!

All kidding aside, it's the nicest one I've been on. A testimony to the quality of the development and the members.

Oh, and X 789, I already sent my address. So that's a done deal. Sorry dude!!! LOL!!!

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