Team Associated RC10T4/.1/.2/.3

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Team Associated RC10T4 1/10 Scale Stadium Truck
Gotta love it when they use multiple part numbers for the exact same parts, just because it is used on another vehicle. I often see the prices vary when they do this as well.
Trying to keep these rides going can involve some time searching the interwebs. Team Associated made it pretty easy on the gear diff parts...
Diff Gear Replacement.jpg

The SC10 came out before the B4.1/T4.1 gear diff platforms and why the SC10 name is on some parts packages.

New "5 series" sun/planet gears in old "4 series" gear diff housing... perfect fit.
During last night's T4.3 run; popped rear turnbuckle off; threw a dog bone somewhere, and blew some oil out of one rear shock. I have never popped a complete turnbuckle off before. It's always one end, or the other. The funny thing was finding the dog bone before the turnbuckle. On hands, and knees for five minutes in the dirt 🧐... but I got it!
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Shock Pistons Wearing Down

Well, see for yourself...

No wonder I seem to be putting thicker, and thicker shock oil in every time I see rear end "bouncin'" around the track.😣 I gotta dig out some new pistons to compare fitment.
I've been running Team Associated RCs since 1991. My T4.3 build was the first Associated RC that had "plain jane" RTR shocks. All my other Associated rides have/had Factory Team shocks. I think it's pretty obvious that pistons would benefit from a hard anodized shock coating.


I knew the RTR V2 shocks were lesser quality, but man, I have a greater appreciation for the hard coated stuff that I'm used to. My oldest set of shocks was probably on my B4, or SC10FT... I don't remember ever replacing pistons on those hard anodized shocks. I built my T4.3, back in 2017, out of chop shop parts. Winning bid of $11.98 for a set of front/rear V2 shocks... I think I got my money's worth.
Took out the T4.3 last night, and the new pistons in the rear shocks made the truck enjoyable again! I only wish I had 20 more minutes of daylight to get another run in. I was having thoughts of selling the truck, but now I may have to buy a set of T6 shocks for this truck.