Tatra 813 Kolos CrossRC DC8

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Finally, after years behind, before even releasing Cross-RC, I wanted it since I tried Spintires in 2009, I wanted something like this and I was finally able to buy it:

This is evidenced by the weight of the box: 12.9 kg, light as a feather hahahaha

As you can imagine, I will post photos and more of the assembly, I want to do an unboxing, and if I can I will record the assembly process, at least the mechanics.
I took photos of all the bags, but I won't post them, I don't think they are very interesting hahahaha. I have seen much better ordered kits, to be honest, although I have also seen worse ones, we will see how things go with the assembly for now...

The wheels, as I already read in the forum , are difficult to heel, very very tight, and there is plenty of foam, so first, cut the foam a little:

And a little more than two hours later, I managed to assemble 4 of the 8 wheels, hard work, first with long screws almost to the stop and by wetting my lips very well to get the beads on, without wetting, impossible, but hey, here's the fun hehehehe:

Honestly, the assembly is what I like the most, but the truth is that it is very easy to make the wheels bead easier, not because the brands don't do it many times.

The 8 wheels are already mounted

And yes, the instructions are missing some bearings that do come in the kit, the front ones are the ones in the photos, you realize they are missing, but in the rear ones they are the ones that go behind the crown inside the tip of the axle, Unless I read it in the forum, otherwise I would have to disassemble it again and it would be a tedious task.

Today I started with the matter, the extra bumper and the axles and some details, I leave you photos:

Here's a ball joint that came half the size hehehe less, which is something we have plenty of

And here is today's work
Well, so far with the servos and the 1200kv fusion, it's 7.4kg, the thing weighs hehehe, everything is very tight, removing a defect in the chassis that I will show later and readjusting the front leaf springs:

near finish