T-Maxx in E-Maxx shell

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  1. Bashing
Here's what the beast looked like before I trashed the stock body:

The site is down permanently...needed the space for bashing pics

Here's what the beast looks like now, wearing an E-Maxx shell:

The site is down permanently...needed the space for bashing pics

If you stumble upon the middle site of the two containing photos of my family, try not to mock me...

Thanks for all of those that visited the original post, but due to limited server space, I had to take these two sites down to make space for more pics and vids...increasing server buy in on 1 Sept, the sites may come back up if the demand is there (highly unlikely).
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Glad you like the body.

I haven't gotten around to it quite yet. I am trying to decide best placement to retain as much structural integrity of the body as possible. The last body I had a windshield cutout and removed the tailgate section. Plenty of air flow, but the shell gained a new crack everytime the truck ended up on its lid (a frequent occurance in my bash sessions).
LOL, if you aint crashin you aint bashin! I like to use a unibit for air holes, you can drill several nice clean holes and the body will still maintain it's structural integrety better then if you just cut hunks out. I also use the olfa circle cutter to make roung holes in the windshield, with no hard corners the body is much less likely to crack or split. If you do get a crack drill a small hole at the end of the crack and this will help keep the crack from traveling any further, but I do like the color scheme of that body.
I have TRAXXAS to thank for the paint job...it's one of their stock bodies for the E. Thanks for the information on preventing the crack from running further; being an engineer, I should have been able to come up with that. I was also thinking along the lines of multiple small holes...I guess I am just finding it hard to poke holes in the nice new body...
go on get some holes in it,it will not look good for long if you are going out with El P...,you will bash it up no doubt.:banana:
Too bad we couldnt have a completely triangulated body. Isnt the triangle one of the strongest shapes???

Now wouldnt that be weird?

I am finally at a point where I will have to get a new body for my T. It is beaten and on its final leg. Maybe Ill start with an EMaxx body this time as well.

Thanks for the tips on the small holes at the end of a crack as well. Looks like I'm going to be adding another 10 or so holes to the body hehehe.......

I personally have one crack, I happen to live with a few more, my T-Maxx shell looked like an egg shell that had been stepped on when I finally got the new E-Maxx shell.

Worry not all of you hardcore Maxxers, I intend to ventilate the shell real soon; and Easy...truer words could not have been spoken. I've seen how he plays with his T, and I think I may need a new beater body soon after we have a real bash session.
my clear shell i had.i lost the whole front end from the screen down,that shows i know how to bash too;)
I've seen your friends' and your handywork on your site. You guys are some hardcore bashers...
thanks Sky,you will find the more at a bash the more gets bashed,and you tend to try madder things:D
this is cos we guys are so mature in what we do with our maxxes:confused: but we know how to have fun too:banana:
Maturity is all relative...believe me I see enough aged people acting like juveniles everyday that it is quite frightening...

BTW...not tryin' to start a war with you on the TRAXXAS site...just voicing my opinion and the fact that the new offering leaves me a little disappointed. The new T is still looking like a good truck (as a starter), but as you mentioned there will be plenty of modifications made by many.
i am with you in part,but had to post a thread to show people they were going the wrong way,too many bad posts.

you have the right idea,a stock`ish maxx to bash with and be a nutter,then a piece of eye candy which does the buiseness too:banana:
I'll heave to on the TRAXXAS site, and let your point be made...
thanks for that,
cool deals
click on the store front options for more stuff,sorry if this is a bad post WoodiE
Quick edit your post before WoodiE gets you...

Thanks for the info.:)
Too late....aaaarrrrgggghhhh!