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RGfarm racing

Ok I have a question. Whats the best way to set the alinement on the T-Maxx? I put on some RPM A-arms and now I need to check the toe and the caster camber? any EZ ways to set it?:confused:

RGfarm racing

Oh MAN MORE TOOLS?:confused: Please tell me you're just kidding!!!! My master card is over loaded now.hahaha:D I read some where that you can use a set of rims to set it but now when I need it I can't find it :angry:


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i have the rpm camber and toe-in gauges. actually, the only one that you would really need is the camber guage. but you can pretty much eyeball everthing and get it close!

the best way i have found to set the toe is to just look and see if anything seems to be out of the ordinary. have your truck on a flat surface with tx and rx on and the steering trim centered. press down a time or two on the maxx to get everything settled. then take a small tape measure and measure the back of the front tire first. measure from center of tire to center of other tire. then do the same on the front of the front tire. the measurement on the back of the tire should be a little more than on the front of the tire. this would mean you have toe-in.(1/8th of and inch or so is a good starting point) if the front is more than the back, it would mean u have toe-out.

to check the rear tires, just repeat the above process.

a straight edge or yard stick is handy also. hold it up to the side of the front and rear tire. gives u an idea if the front and rear is set close to either and if everthing is close to being square.

RGfarm racing

blackmonte Thanks YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!! Just what I was looking for.:banana: :banana: :banana:


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just take the tires off the rims if they arent glued, and then make the rim prety much level on a table


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In a RC caraction issue the said in the tips you can take CDs and mount them on and you will be able to eye ball it a lot easier:)


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someone elses cd`s at that i would say.that way they are no good to listen to anyway,and you`ll be doing oyhers a favour.:D


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I may have to buy a chamber guage too. I too recently put on RPM a-arms, alum. bulkheads, alum shock towers and now my maxx is a major pain in the butt to drive. I fight it just to go straight. :(



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i have the RPM camber gauge,and i use a stock set of rims with no tyres on.to align i use a long steel ruler.
this does not make me a good driver but at least my wheels are on correctly:D

RGfarm racing

Thanks guys I got the Maxx running with the new RPM A-arms and the alinement Tips were great Runs strieght as an arrow :D


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WoodiE, check to see that your tires are facing the right way. I would bet money that you at least the fronts are on backwards. How do I know this? I did the same thing when I put on my RPM A-Arms. If you notice it real bad on asphault, that's it.

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