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How do i remove this little pin, I've been knocking it with a small scredriver and hammer but its not comming out, is it like locitite or glue or something?
Some of those have a set screw going in under the axle carrier/upright. What RC is it?
Nanda nrx-10 but it was rebranded by exceed rc as madspeed driftking, @bill_delong knows alot about these
Thanks so much bill, as always
I just dropped in to say how impressed I was with Nanda Racing's manual for your platform. Within a few minutes on the web, and downloading/viewing... it's very refreshing to see a company take pride in their product with a step by step assembly manual. Too bad Exceed couldn't do the same. All I found was an exploded view of parts for the MadSpeed platform.

Once you get that hinge pin out, I'm sure you'll notice the flat spot on it... as shown in the manual.
I raced both the Nanda NRX-10 and NRX-12

Exceed rebranded the NRX-10 as the DriftKing in the US
HobbyKing rebranded the NRX-12 as the M.Rage under the Turnigy rebrand

I no longer race on-road cars anymore, but will always have a place in my heart for Nanda :)

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