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I didnt know where else to post this so I guess here is okay, So basically I stripped some threads on my plastic hub piece and I decided to super glue the screw into it and now it wont come out ( very smart I know ) I tried everything, veggie oil, rubbing alcohol and acetone, nothing is owkring, anyone have any thoughts
Sometimes just 'shocking' the screw with a hammer and punch will get it to come loose
Seems like a good idea but the screw is the only metal piece in that area so I dont know
Maybe heat? Hair drier heat gun, torch, heat it up and might melt the glue?
If in a pinch to break down CA glue, and got no Acetone around, perhaps fingernail polish remover is in a cupboard somewhere. Yes, I try to make sure I have a jug of Acetone on hand at all times. A little bottle of the stuff by my workbench when gluing tires can save a disaster from happening.

And now, a bit of off topic fun...
Do you need to take it out? You could always just have a hard bash session or something

I don't think you can bash a drift car? 🤣
You could try
Unless this is on his other cars.
Peoples have been "bashing'' RCs before "bashing" was a thing. I purposefully got a so called all-road RC to bash with.... mostly street bashing. Some of the most drifting, semi-drifting fun I've had in a long time came from that street bashing RC. I don't used the RC much, as it needs lots of space to open her up. I'm currently looking for a 1/12 scale version to bash in my driveway & lane. Anything is bashable I say.

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