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Last night I took the T out for a little backyard bash session. I landed a pretty big jump rather hard on one corner. On applying throttle, I noticed that my T was now a 2-wheel drive only truck. What had happened, you ask?

The Fantom (with my throttle input of course) overtorqued the rear axle enough to pop the metal universal ball (the metal ball with the pegs on it that join the stub axles to the drive axles) right out of the stub axle. There was no sign of breakage, just some flexing of the plastic.

My question is this: Are there all metal stub axles out there? If so where do I find them and who makes them?

Thanks for the help, in advance.
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Part# 4953x are the heavy duty replacement ones by Traxxas.

Ill see what I can find otherwise.
Thanks guys...I'll look into the TRAXXAS upgrade. I am hoping to find some sort of all metal part, but beefier works for me.
I completely agree on the metal ones. However, they can be pricey. I have the Dynamites all the way around including the centerline and I love em!

I'm finally starting to chew up my outdrive cups hehehe....
Price is not my problem...finding them is.
So far only found plastic ones...I suspect I'm not using the right search words or something along those lines.
Thanks for the tip...I hadn't though of that.
Prolines at Dynamite at Mip at Mip center shafts at
Best price only 25.00 a set instead of 45 or more XTM at

Ok here is the deal I only checked a couple of places that I have bought from and would recommned because of good prices and service. I can't vouch for qaulity of XTMs so since they are cheaper you may try to find someone who has them before making that purchase even though I have never had issues with XTM I have don't know anyone running those shafts.

Also if you need info on online retailers here is a list of ones I have used with some info I compiled.
Thanks guys...a lot of good info...I think I may have found what I am looking for. I will be going to the LHS tomorrow to see if they have them...I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for the assist.
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Do they make boots for the MIP CVDs (BTW those things ain't cheap)? Or will the Dynamite boots fit?
Bummer...I guess I'll have to get creative...
I think it would give the metal some protcetion from moisture but I guess it would have to be done on a regular basis.
The dynamites will hold their shine. At least I know mine have. They are a nice CVD. But every set has a "litlle" something we could all do without ;)
Leave it on there...the thin layer of rust can act like a protective coating and prevent further oxidation of the axle. Each time you wipe it off you take a microscopic layer of the axle with the rust. Unless you see some serious pitting of the metal, wipe the axles down less frequently. If you really want to give it some protection from moisture, wipe some oil onto the metal or find some corrosion preventative compound (CPC). The oil will shield the axle from moisture (it will pick up dirt so you may have to clean them periodically and reapply the oil). The CPC should be found at an autoparts store. You apply it, it drys, and then it keeps the metal from oxidizing.
Any oil will do. The problem with that method is an issue of much muck can you deal with on your truck. A thin film of oil is all that is needed. That should limit the amount of dust it picks up, but it will still pick up dust.
dry shafts will pick up dust too,so a slight oiling is no problem.
there is a co. near me who make Ti parts for R/C,would he be able to sell them in the USA if he made them for the maxx?would you guys buy them.when i told him the price of hardcore stuff,he said he could sell his a lot cheaper,he was interested in doing the drive shafts etc.