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RC Newbie
Hi I've Just got into nitro RC bought my self a second hand tiger thunder 2.5 I used to own nitro years ago (25 year) yes I'm quite old my question is I've had to replace a few things on the car suspension, fuel tank, breaks. Am I throwing money away or shall I bite the bullet I think about getting a new one. Also I've managed to tune the car quite will I think, a lot better than when I bought it but I'm unsure how high the car should be reading at idle. Can anyone help. Also are thunder Tiger reliable and any good? I'm on a tight budget. Thanks


Kind of good admin
Lexington, KY
RC Driving Style
@Paulp my main concern would be parts. How easy are they to come by? If you're having fun with the RC and can still get parts, then what does it matter if it's 10 years old or 1 month old?

I know guys that are still rocking the orginial T-Maxx and Savage and the T-Maxx is nearly 20 years old now!