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Well my friend that has been into rc's for about 5 years..hes pretty good with them he tought me everything i learned in side and out.

We are starting up a hobbie shop.. We just got a new house and it comes with an Building off to the side. Perfect for a RC shop.(will def take picture later on)

But right now we are talking with a few companies (traxxas, hpi..etc) an other hobbie shops about wholesale prices..

See the good thing is.. where i live in Bluefield, Va there isnt a hobbie shop but about 30 mins away.. and there is tons of people in this local area and the areas further down that have to drive there. So we would be cutting in the way and directing people our way.. :p...

Tell me what you think.. I am going to have a Company Logo Poll I'm going to make up a couple logo's and get some stickers made.. and give them away to some of the people on RCNitroTalk.

Caleb Stevens

p.s. we also own a 10 acre lot.. down the road.. if you know what i mean :p


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well when ever we get it rolling.. not sure about discounts yet :p maybe stickers :p


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I'm in Beckley. Usually go to Tazewell. Might check ya out when ya get going.

Good luck with it.


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yea it wont b anything yet though.. you know starting out isnt the easy part.. so ill give you a hollar with direction and what not.. we are also building a track down the road

2 steppen

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wow thatd be a great idea, If I were you id start the shop and then build a track out back, and charge like 3 bucks for and hour or 5 bucks all day.

also go online so i can order parts from you guys!

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